A Thank You To An Absent Father

A Thank You To An Absent Father

Since you moved on a couple of years ago, its time for me to do the same.

Nicole Acito

“I had to forgive a person who wasn't even sorry.” — Unknown

I wish you were still around so I could ask you why you did the things you did. I need to have some closure in my life. But there comes a point in life where you just have to move on because that is exactly what you did.

It takes a mother and a father to raise children, but mom played both roles. I didn't know it at first, but now I see everything. My mother struggled. Being at my brother and I sporting events, taking care of us when we were both sick with the flu, and always made sure there was something under the tree when Christmas came around. She was always there for us even when she was getting off a twelve-hour shift at the hospital. But where were you? Nowhere to be found. Thank you for making mom the strongest woman I know, and making her my hero that will always be by my side. Mom is twice as strong then the person you could ever be.

Childhood wasn't much of a childhood since you were never around. I grew up faster than the normal thirteen-year-old had too. I had to learn things such as fending for myself because my mom and brother weren't always home they were always working, and you were too busy living your second life. Learning to cook, clean and get myself together was an everyday learning process. Taking responsible for my actions and learn from my mistakes. I do have to thank you for that; I guess it just makes up for your lack of maturity.

After a couple of years has passed since the divorce, we were all living our lives and slowly getting things on track. The day came, we saw in the newspaper that you passed away. You caught that fatal disease from that second life you were living. I never knew that the most painful goodbyes are the ones never said... I know you gave up all rights to my brother and I during the divorce and didn't want anything to do with us after that, I guess a last goodbye was just too much ask from you...

I just want to give you a final thank you for making me the strong and confident woman I am today. Also, thank you for showing me what kind of parent I will never become.

Since you moved on a couple of years ago, its time for me to do the same.

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