Honestly, I love the holiday season for so many reasons: the food, the company, the weather. I love that the holidays have a way of bringing people together and making us realize who and what we value in our lives. This time of the year really makes us think of why we choose the people we do to spend our time with.

Going home for Thanksgiving break really made me excited about seeing everyone I don't really get to see that often while I'm away at college. I get so excited to catch up on all the latest news and make up for all the lost time. I'm also a foodie, so I love getting to cook and eat with friends and family. Friendsgivings are the perfect excuse to see your friends and be reminded of how grateful you are to have such real friends.

But, while it was great being reminded during Thanksgiving how much I love and appreciate my friends and family, shouldn't I feel that way all 365 days of the year? Why do we only have a few days specifically dedicated to expressing this gratitude?

We buy gifts, write cards, and share meals with each other during the holidays, but being thankful and grateful and especially expressing these feelings only on certain days of the year just seems a little sad. We should feel grateful and not take people for granted on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of using my busy schedule as an excuse for putting people I care about on the back burner for a while. However, I'm really trying to avoid doing that because it's not that I forget how thankful I am for them, but I do sometimes forget to express how I feel to them. It really can be as simple as having a Snapchat streak or sending a text.

I think it's really important to not take the people you care about for granted, whether it's during the holidays or not. Showing you care means more than a "thank you" once or twice a year. It's so important to check in on how people are doing because so many times I have felt like an awful friend for not knowing or checking in on the people I care about most. I have realized it is really hard to find real friends, so having a close family and friend network should be treasured and acknowledged constantly. If they truly mean a lot to you, they should know that too.

So even though Thanksgiving has passed, remember that the days go on, so let the people you really love know that you care and that you value them in your life. Everyday should be a holiday to say "thank you."