To The Teachers That Made Me Who I Am Today, Thank You

To The Teachers That Made Me Who I Am Today, Thank You

To the most under-appreciated people I know.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved everything about school. I've always had a deep love for learning. As a very shy child, the classroom was my safe space, the space where I thrived. I have always found the most comfort in being mentally challenged.

To all of you, not only did you push me out of my comfort zone, you helped shape me into the person I am today. I think of each of you often. So, thank you for believing in me.

Mrs. Ceiply 

Mrs. Ceiply, you taught me what it meant to think critically. As a second grader in your "Gifted and Talented" class, I first fell in love with learning. It was in your class that I first learned how to research; it is where I learned how to question what I knew as truth. For 4 years you took me under your wing and challenged me every day for all those years. I know you've been gone for several years now, but know that your legacy lives on.

Mrs. Hodge 

To this day, I will argue that your classes were harder than some classes I've taken in both high school and college. In middle school, like many, I was extremely confused about who I was. These insecurities made me timid and for that many people chose to write me off, but you never did. Through learning about WWII and the Holocaust you taught me empathy and compassion. You taught me to value those whose voices are silenced. These are characteristics I continue to hold close to me. I am so thankful that our friendship has continued throughout all these years.

Miss Schweizer (Kelley)

To this day, my favorite piece of literature is "The Yellow Wallpaper" that you introduced my 7th-grade class. I often reference this work in my college courses. Although I didn't know it at the time, you and this short story sparked my feminist thinking and lens. You provided me with an entirely new way of thinking about the treatment of women and mental illness.

Mr. Murphey

In high school, you were a rock for not just me, but many students. Yes, you were our choir director, but you have also served as a dear friend. You taught us respect, discipline, and humility; all qualities that are essential. In high school, I experienced many difficult days, but your class consistently made my days better. It is difficult to find words for how much I appreciate you, but know that the respect I have for you as a teacher and person is endless.

Dr. Carter 

Dr. Carter- you are single-handedly one of the most BA people I know. Having you as a professor during my first semester of college was the best thing to happen during my academic career. You provided a safe space, a space where I learned it was more than okay to openly identify as a feminist. Before your class I was going down a career path was not true to my passions. You gave me the courage to change my major to a field that many discredit, but in my studies, I am now thriving. Thank you for helping me find my voice. Thank you for helping me find my purpose.

Dr. Moore

While each class I have taken with you has been exceptional, it is you as a person that I more thankful for. It really is strange how many aspects of our lives are similar. I haven't told you this, but knowing that you have persevered through difficulties in your life has given me the will to do the same. I think the world knew what it was doing when it made our paths cross. Thank you for reminding me it is okay to hurt, it is okay to mourn those that still walk the earth, and that it is okay to be vulnerable. Thank you for being an incredible professor and friend.

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Every Time I See A College Tour Group Walk By I Just Want to Scream 'It's a TRAAAPP!'

The tour guide is good - they're just a liar.

It's officially that time of year - anywhere you walk on campus, there's bound to be a gaggle of parents and befuddled high school students winding their way through building after building. In front of them stands an overenthusiastic tour guide, spouting off statistics about the school so fast they'll make your head spin.

Unfortunately, what the tour guide says doesn't exactly line up with what goes on at the school. Oh, the things we students wish we could shout out to the parents as they pass by.

1. "You'll get sick of the dining!"

It may look like there's something new to eat every single day, but by the end of the semester, you'll be sick of everything except the things closest at home.

2. "I'm only here for the free t-shirts!"


3. "IT'S A TRAP!"

Seriously, part two. You get two of three things: a social life, sleep, or good grades. Whoever said you could have all three is lying.

4. "Welcome to the real world, suckers!"

It's got confrontation, taking care of yourself, and formal emails. (Which, of course, your professor will respond with 'k thnx bai' sent from their iPhone.)

5. "Say goodbye to sleep!"

There are three types of people on campus: tea drinkers, coffee drinkers, and people with energy drinks running through their veins.


Check all of your housing options before you move in. The dorm they're showing you might be the worst housing area on campus.


You're getting squat. Free tuition? Try the tune of $13k a year. Or more. Depending.

8. "The library is NOT the best study place."

Depending on your major, there are several places for you to study that aren't the library.

9. "The health center sucks!"

True fact: word through the grapevine is that someone once got antibiotics for a sprained ankle.You may as well sell that leg on the black market to cover the costs.

10. "Believe the roommate horror stories!"

All random roommates are horrible unless proven otherwise. (But be wary of everyone.)

11. "SI (student instructor) sessions are useless."

You will learn nothing . Chances are you'll end up correcting the instructor.

12. "The freshman fifteen is optional."

Some people don't gain it at all, and some people really gain it. It's up to you.

13. "You'll need a car!!"

If, for some reason you can't pay for the overpriced parking pass, find a friend who can.

14. "Hookup culture is real!"

But it's not for everyone. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you have to.

15. "Campus jobs are a myth!"

Campus job? What's a campus job? Do you have work-study? No? No job for you. Have you tried the local coffee shop?

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