A Thank You To All Teachers Who Didn't Give Up On Us

When I first started school in kindergarten, I always thought that teachers were the greatest superheroes this world had to offer. Each one of them with their own special ability whether that be a listening ear, a kind smile, a warm hug, or words of wisdom to help kids grow and become a well-rounded individual.

What I didn't know till I got older is that teachers are unappreciated and undervalued. Most students do not realize that their job does not end when the school bell rings. It is a never-ending job. They pour countless hours into making lesson plans, grading papers, meeting with parents, or extending a helping hand to a student. Teachers do so much for so little. They are rarely given the credit they are rightfully owed, so I am writing this letter to the ones who aren't given a thank you.

Thank you for being an educator.

It takes a big size heart and a lot of patience to do what you do every day. Not everyone can do that, but you do. Thank you for teaching us how to use we're or were, who Neil Armstrong is, where the mitochondria is, and what two plus two is. You taught us so much from within those textbooks throughout the years. Your hours as an educator did not finish at the end of the school day. You also helped us if we were having trouble grasping the topic by spending extra time with us inside and outside of class. In the midst of your busy life, you made time for us even if that meant you had to make sacrifices. Thank you for making the choice to better our lives through education.

Thank you for being a life coach.

You taught so much from within the walls of the classroom, but the most valuable lessons you helped some of us learn weren't from the textbooks. You taught us what it means to have compassion for others by showing your kindness for students when they needed someone to talk to. Some of you even spent hours with us as we cried in your rooms. When we needed direction whether that be for our educational path or our life path you gave us your words of wisdom. You help us learn how to prevent mistakes that you most likely made yourself by guiding us through the minefield of life. Thank you for helping push us to the finish line.

Thank you for being our confidence.

For most of our lives, we are told what or who we are. We are told we are young and dumb, but thanks to some of you we believe we are more than that. You are the driving force that fuels us to become something greater and better than what we sometimes believe of ourselves. You push us with your words of affirmation allowing us to see the potential you see in us. Why did we choose our certain career path? You. You inspired us because of the belief you had in us even from day one. Thank you for being the confidence we needed.

Thank you for being you.

You are a wonderful human being. You have made us laugh when we want to cry. Although this is your job to be our teacher, you went above and beyond because you not only taught us but loved us. You allowed your passion for teaching to pour into us as students. Some of us don't have a loving home to go home to when that bell rings, so by giving us a warm hug or smile you really to brighten our lives. You have been kind to us when the world seems cruel. Thank you for being our little sunshine during the storms

Thank you to my teachers.

This last thank you is personal to me because it is to the ones who taught me. You pushed me to achieve what I never thought was possible. I know some will say it is just your job, but with you, it wasn't only that. You went above and beyond your call as teachers. Even when you didn't receive gratitude, you still poured your heart and soul into teaching. I know I am only one thank you, but I hope this gets the conversation started for students to realize they should be thankful for their teachers. I hope one day the world sees you like I do, like a superhero. Also, I hope I at least made you giggle when I pushed the boundaries on that famous line all teachers say: "There are no dumb questions, so feel free to raise your hand and ask."

Lastly, thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today.

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