10 Thank Yous To My Older Sisters

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. Not only because of the amazing food, but because of the time we get to spend with family. More specifically, all of my sisters and cousin sisters are together, and there is truly no one else like them. Every year, I am thankful for their presence in my life.

Here are 10 thank yous I have this ear for my sisters:

1. Always picking up the phone.

I called ten times a day, and they pick up ten times. Even when I have the dumbest things to talk about.

2. Knowing me inside and out.

This really speaks for itself. You know all my triggers, the things that make me happy, sad, and all that lies in between.

3. Loving me unconditionally.

Little sisters can be kinda terrible. Thanks for not giving up on me yet.

4. Listening to me rant.

College is stressful, the people are stressful, and you always know exactly who everyone is in my stories. During all of my ten phone calls a day.

5. Talking to me when it's dark outside.

Walking through campus in the dark while you're alone is actually the worst thing. So lucky to have people who keep me company virtually whenever I have to do it.

6. Keeping me in my place.

Sometimes I get out of hand or unreasonable, and I can always bet on you to keep me grounded.

7. Giving me all of the unsolicited advice.

Advice I want, advice I don't want, all advice is welcome and appreciated.

8. All of the hand me downs I've ever needed.

I can't remember the last time I actually paid money for something in my closet. It is a true blessing.

9. Helping me with all of my school questions. 

Whether it was high school math homework, what classes to take in college, or all of the best places to go out, you always have my back.

10. Being my very best friends. 

No friend will ever compare to a sister.

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