This one is for the haters, you know exactly who you are, and what you did, or have done, and I am here to tell you, THANK YOU.

Your bullying, criticism (excluding those who actually give insightful criticism), hate and pettiness really show your true character. You make more people hate me and I love it. You bring more attention to me, and I’m soaking it all up. I don’t quite think you know that you’re actually helping me rise higher in the world.

What you’re doing is contradicting. I’m out here, doing what I love, and enjoying myself while doing it. I’m living my life without a care in the world. Then here you come along, and throw the hate saying, “you aren’t good enough,” “are you proud of this? ” and “you’ll never be successful and/or get noticed.”Comments like these only imply one thing: “You are going places.”

While you are putting yourself out there and making your mark on the world, others are seeing what you are doing and how you are making a difference. They see you making a success of yourself, and they grow jealous that they aren’t doing the same. Jealous that they aren’t working as hard, or being themselves to others.

I want to say thank you for all the comments you have made, all the degrading and bullying words you have said and all of the hurtful things you have done to me. In all, when you say them it shows your true character. How you handle those things when you are the one being “hated on” shows how strong you really can be. In all, I’m still going to live my life, do what I love and focus on being the best version of myself.

So, go ahead hate on me, and thank you. You are the ones who help me reach a little higher, and run a little faster each time.