Just to start off with a simple thank you isn't enough for how thankful I am for meeting you.

Flashback to a year ago when I was still deciding between schools and looking for the perfect roommate for me.

It truly is a scary game trying to find the right person that I would be the most compatible with. After several trial and errors of finding the right roommate for me, last minute we booked a room together. Little did I know I was in for an amazing ride. So, I know I don't tell you often, but thank you for being the best roommate I could ever ask for, we were very lucky.

Thank you for being my first college friend.

I know that we both came in knowing a couple of people, but there was no one else I was as comfortable with so early in our friendship. As the year went on, I knew that you were one I can trust my life with and tell anything to. Our room certainly did become the party room ever since day 1.

If you take a trip down memory lane to the beginning of the school year, the people that were in our room hanging out late at night are certainly not the same true to date. Even though we're not living together next school year, I know that we will constantly be in each others presence whether you like it or not!

Thank you for sharing everything with me.

"Yes you can wear my shirt out today haha".

Not only did I score friends that were around the same size as me, but the best part was that we knew that whatever was mine was theirs as well. Sometimes the best part of the night is being able to dance around and get ready with them before we even make it out of the room.

Thank you for dealing with each others messes.

Whether it's our clothes piling on our bathroom floor or our tears flooding our favorite pillow, I know that whatever happens, we would go through it together. I personally don't know what I would do without you guys when times are tough for any of us. Thank you for always knowing the right advice to say, or just a way to make me smile. This year was hard but rewarding when I knew that I have so many people by my side cheering all of us on.

Thank you for creating the best family with me.

Together with the help of a few people, we created the best friend group I can ask for. Whether if it's a messy night out, a movie night, a concert, or just a trip to the ugl library, I know everytime I met up with at least some of you, it would be the best company I could ask for to make me laugh, cry, and smile with.

After all the noise complaints, shortages of food, and weird visitors, I wouldn't take any of it back. These experiences that we had were nothing but a laugh and an endless smile. Thank you for helping me create such an amazing first year of college, I love you lots!