A Thank You Letter to Music

After hours of listening to music while trying to study, I realized that music is just too good to ignore. I've known this for a while, but there was never a concrete reason of why I thought so. Sometimes music just needs to be given some more credit.

So, thank you music. You are loved, and there are so many reasons why.

Thank you for making people smile.

Thank you for making people cry. In a cathartic way.

Thank you for giving feelings without even speaking directly to us.

Thank you for making movies and TV shows 100,000,000,000 times more interesting, intense, funny, and amazing.

Thank you for giving us hours of enjoyment.

Thank you for all of the iconic theme songs. Golden Girls, Hannah Montana, and everything else.

Thank you for giving us people and bands to obsess over.

Thank you for picking up people's spirits, even when they can't understand any of the words.

For covering awkward silences.

Making awkward silences.

Creating those random spasms that people call dancing.

Giving a reason to just bob our heads.

For an excuse to not talk to someone. ;)

For a great bonding moment with friends.

For an academic lesson with theory and phrasing involved.

For pumping people up at athletic games.

For creating opportunities to make connections with people.

For making people feel like they're a part of something—the band, orchestra, a concert audience?

Making game shows 50 times more intense.

Creating bonds amongst people.

For a great pastime.

For putting crying babies to sleep.

For simple beauty.

For amazing guitar solos, drum solos, didgeridoos, and every other instrument.

For great memories like playing the recorder with your elementary school class.

For being able to create something.

For pure, wordless expressions.

For the awesome sounds.

For revealing amazing people with amazing talent.

For diversity.

For giving us options to pick a personal theme song for our lives.

For beautiful noises.

Oh music, how you are loved. Don't ever change.

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