A Thank You Letter To Me, Myself, And I

A Thank You Letter To Me, Myself, And I

You're doing amazing, sweetie.


Dear me,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for who you are and for whom you become. From the moment that you were born, you had a purpose, which will surely come to pass as the years pass.

You were raised by a strong family, one whom you owe gratitude for. They have shaped you into the person that you have become today.

Growing up, life wasn't so easy. You had to learn how to survive in a world that for the most part was against you. You had to fight your own battles and get back on your feet. You persisted, and you still continue to persist the trials and tribulations.

I have seen you at your lowest moments and at your best moments. School has been a heck of a ride, but here you are: succeeding and making yourself ready to head out into the real world.

Your passions are what make you, you. Your love for reading, writing, and helping others out is what makes you so beautiful, both inside and out.

In my opinion, your hands are one of the most beautiful aspects of your body. The way that you give to others is what makes you stand out from the crowd. You are willing to help anybody that is in need.

You haven't found the man that is going to make you happy yet, but eventually, you are going to come across someone who was worth the wait and he will have everything that you wanted in a person.

You had some "so-called" friends who have left your side. You may have been upset at the moment, but eventually, you realized that they were not beneficial to your life or the journey that comes with it.

There are times when you want to give up and you're not so sure what is it that you want to do anymore in life. But what I admire from you is that you quickly get back up and get down to business.

You may not be perfect, but I accept you. Flaws and all.



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A Bumpy Road Will Produce More Within You Than A Steady Sail

You might not know where you are going or how you will get there but just know you will arrive safely in the hands of God.


When you look at the big picture you might ask yourself why can't I just be on the steady sail and straight road to what I want in life? Why do I always get put on the bumpy road with obstacles every now and then? During those times it can be hard because you might see others that seem to be going down a smooth sail, but in all reality, they have endured their hardships or will in the future. Our timing is all different, and specifically inspired and designed for us as individuals. In all reality it's simple. The Lord has created and shaped us personally for our own specific routes. They might not be ideal for you, might seem like a hell of a time — literally.

But at the end of it all, this truly sets you up for success for what things you want to achieve and things of the unknown. We truly have all of the ideas on what we want to happen, and how it'll happen ideally. But in all reality, we have to put the trust in the Lord that he will carry us to those destinations correctly. We might not realize how much knowledge, the strength we need for those circumstances until we gain them through the trials we endure. Which can be seen as allowing God has given the grace to work through you not against you.

So friends, keep your head up high, trust in the Lord and enjoy the ride because your final destination will be beautiful, and you'll never regret all of the growth you have gained from the road you have traveled.

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