A Thank You Letter To My Good Friends

Hi everyone. I am writing a general letter to all my friends who have impacted my life, in either small or big ways. I am not going to reveal any names here, but I just want you to know you are appreciated. You know who you are.

The friends I've made this year, especially at W&J, have impacted my life in the following ways. For instance, I used to think that I had to be alone, and that I had to do everything on my own, but several people have shown me that even though we come and go as individuals, we don't have to struggle alone when we are all in the same place, on campus. People can be there for each other, and can form tight friendships with one another.

Friends are there when you need a shoulder to cry on. Even though we are busy figuring ourselves out, my friends have never failed to be there for me. They always try their best, as I do with them. The effort is what counts, and it shows me that they are genuine. I appreciate that.

My friends have convinced me to try new things, that I probably wouldn't even considered trying if I was on my own. They have helped me to broaden my horizons, and learn new things. Most of all, they've helped me to make new memories that we will always cherish.

Friends are always there to remind you not to procrastinate when there's an upcoming exam. A friend or two is great when you want to form study groups, or have a study partner. It's pretty awesome, and it makes everything less overwhelming.

Lastly, my friends are like sisters and brothers I never had, and I love them for that. And so, I would like to end it here by saying thank you. I hope we will be able to make more awesome memories at W&J (and other places) and can't wait to see you again. Love you guys!

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