It’s nice being able to look back at all the memories you had, especially when you look as far back as high school.

As everyone knows, the transition from high school to college can be one of the most exciting, terrifying and confusing times of your life. And, in the midst of that time, you can become consumed with school, getting involved and/or work. Along with those factors, there is also the fact that you and your high school best friends or those that were closest to you from high school have probably gone to separate schools or don’t have a lot of free time to meet up during the school year.

I am now entering my third year of college and I just want to tell my best friends from high school one thing…thank you.

1. Thank you for giving me some of the best memories in high school.

Looking back to our high school years through photos and memories, I realize my high school experience would have been different. You guys pushed me to get involved, pushed me to get to know people, pushed me to be myself. Without you as my friends, I would still be stuck in my little bubble.

2. Thank you for still wanting to meet up a couple of times a year to catch up on life.

The fact that we go to separate schools and have busy schedules makes me look forward to being able to see you guys during Thanksgiving and summer break. Hearing the stories we all have to share with one another, after months of seeing each other, makes talking to you guys that much more exciting.

3. Thank you for showing me what I want to look for in friends.

Your kindness, trustworthiness, honesty, loyalty and ambition have shown me what I want to look for in friends. The values you uphold and the people around you have pushed me to keep looking for those kind of people in my everyday life.

4. Thank you for still being my friends even after high school ended.

I appreciate our friendship. I appreciate having you in my life. I appreciate the memories we continue making. I can’t wait to look back with you guys and for us to remember all the things we did together, the conversations we had, the group chat we would back to when we see each other’s name pop up…being able to look back when we are older and saying, “remember when…?”

Thank you for being you.