Dear Grandpa,

I know that you will never get the chance to read this, cancer took you too soon. We're days away from the two year anniversary of your passing and honestly, I am losing it. You were my hero, you are my hero. You are the reason why I am so kind, I learned from the best. You looked at the world through this lens of love and tried to teach all of your children and grandchildren to do the same. There was not a person that you did not show kindness and love to; family, friend, or stranger. You never failed to tell me that you were proud of me, even if it was for the smallest thing. That meant more to me than you will ever get to know. I never doubted that I had someone on my side when you were around, someone who truly loved me despite all of my flaws. I never imagined that I would get to spend less than eighteen years with a man that meant the world to me. I never imagined you sitting frail in a hospital room. I never imagined losing you the way I did. I have so many memories of you that bring a smile to my face. My favorite was being on the back of your motorcycle while you drove around Lake Mitchell trying to make me feel better after some silly fight with my parents. You had nothing but faith in me, something that I wish I still had in myself. It hurts that you're gone.

It has been nearly two years and I still feel like I'm going to walk into the house and see you dozing off in your rocking chair. I hear motorcycles and nearly strain my neck hoping to catch a glimpse of you speeding by. I still wear your Packers shirt every time I start to miss you. I hope that you're proud of me and all of the things that I have done. I hope that you smile every time I am kind to someone. I hope that you laugh every time I tell a stupid joke or start to doubt myself. I hope that you know that you are the voice in the back of my head that keeps me going when things get tough. Thank you. Thank you for nearly eighteen years of constant life lessons and unconditional love. Thank you for teaching me what it meant to be a good person, I hope that one day I can be half of the person you were. I hope that I can pass down your legacy to my future children and grandchildren, that way they will love you as much as I do. Rest in paradise Grandpa.