Dear Hallmark,

I would like to begin by saying thank you. Thank you for creating the good, the bad, and the ugly in my life during the holiday season. Without your countdown to Christmas, my life would be much different -- it wouldn’t be as good, as bad, or as ugly.

Thank you for the good. As I reflect on my past, I can vividly remember time spent with my family each and every night. Yes, we were a family that gathered around the dinner table every night, but we were also a family that gathered around the TV during the holidays to watch one of your countdown to Christmas movies. Spending this quality time with family made me truly value the importance of family, and I can’t wait to teach my own family someday how important family time truly is. Not only have your movies allowed me to value family, but they have also allowed me to bond with my friends. Both of my college roommates could probably tell you that beginning November 1st, I am glued to the TV until Christmas is over. At first, I would say they were annoyed with my obsession over your movies. Now, however, I think they secretly enjoy watching them with me. Your movies have given me several memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for the bad. Yes, that’s right. I’m actually thanking you for the bad you have caused to enter my life during the holidays. Every Saturday and Sunday from start to end of your countdown to Christmas, I am either sitting at home watching the newest movie, or I am recording it. The downside to this is that I often don’t associate socially with anyone on the weekends during the months of November and December. Another downside is that I run both my parents’ and my own DVR storage out. I’m not sure if your movies are purchasable in stores, but I for one definitely need to be buying them if they are.

Thank you for the ugly. As a high school student, I rarely had homework. However, as a college student who is currently student teaching, I have hours on top of hours of homework. Your movies tend to make my life extremely ugly. They distract me from doing my hours and hours of homework. No matter how hard I try to pull myself away from the TV, I find myself turning it back on again to watch your ever-so-hooking movies. I have one request for you. Please put your new releases on pause this year. Next year when I’m in the real world, I’ll hopefully have more time for them. However, if this isn’t possible, I will have to somehow find a balance between hours of homework and hours of movies.

My holiday season wouldn’t be the same without your countdown to Christmas movies. Whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly, I have determined to accept it because your movies are worth even the ugliest of it all. Thank you.