It literally feels like I moved into my dorm a year ago and then I blinked and here I am moving out. Time has flown by and I am not entirely sure how I feel about my freshman year being OVER. I am having the hardest time comprehending the very thought that I am a sophomore in college. It is actually crazy but I wanted to Thank my freshman year for all the amazing, heartbreaking, depressing, and stressful moments it has given me over these past months.

First of all, whoever said random roommate is a bad idea clearly got EXTREMELY unlucky with their choice of roommate because my roommate is the BEST. I can not tell you how many people told me to not do a random roommate assignment but look at me now. My roommate is my life long best friend and I love her so much. The number of laughs and cries we have shared in our tiny dorm room together are literally endless down to the last minute of us moving out. I have never met someone who genuinely cares for me as a person and looks out for you as much as you look out for them. My roommate MADE my freshman year and I can not tell you how thankful I am for her to have been my freshman year roomie!

Second, the other friends I was able to make during my freshman year have been the absolute best people I could have ever met, also the funniest. I am so thankful for all of our late night trips to Quicktrip for hotdogs or our late nights studying together that usually turned into the funniest conversations.

Mizzou has brought me so much over the year but I would like to thank Mizzou specifically to bring about the new me. I came into college thinking I would struggle to make friends and struggle to adjust to life so far away from home. Mizzou showed me my extraverted self and gave me a new home to love. It brought people in my life I never expected but now could never live without. It showed me to not judge life so harshly and just enjoy the little moments we have cause they are limited. I realize now just how limited that time was as I leave my freshman year in the past and look forward to my future. Mizzou alone taught me so much about myself in just ONE year. I can not wait to learn more throughout the next three.

So here is to freshman year and to looking ahead to the future.

Thank you, Mizzou!