Thank You For Accepting Me, Towson

Dear Towson University,

Thank you for making a transfer student feel so welcomed. I transferred here from Anne Arundel Community College this past fall and my original plan was to just commute from Annapolis, take my classes, and go home. Basically just get in and then get out.

However, because life is unpredictable, I could no longer live at where I was living at the time. While I was stressed out due to the fact that I had to move, a part of me was really excited because I wanted to move here but I didn't think I could afford it.

Finding an apartment and roommates was the most stressful part of that summer. People flaking out, certain apartments being too expensive, and meeting some pretty strange people. I was worried that I was not going to be able to find a place or someone to live with before classes start. Luckily, I was able to find my roommate and a room in an apartment down the street from campus.

I remember the first semester being exciting but also very lonely at times. There were nights where I felt home sick and missing Annapolis. I was in a place where I did not know a lot of people, was pretty far from family and old friends, and was pretty intimidated by the Towson party scene.

Towards the end of the fall, my roommate and I got pretty close and became really good friends. I joined a photography club and really was starting to feel very comfortable here at Towson.

The spring semester is when things really started to get really good for me here at Towson. I started going out to Uptown with my roommates and realized the Towson party scene wasn't as intimidating as I thought. On top of being in a photography club, I got the gig the writing for Odyssey and had my second article make it on the popular page. I took a job working as a photographer for Towson's University store which to me is a step forward to the career path I want to take.

While there were a lot of things that were going well, there were things that didn't. Things like not being able to afford food from time to time, saving up to afford rent, and finding out that I was being used so a girl can cheat on her boyfriend (Go read my second article for that story). But all those things are part of life; not everything can be sunshine and daisies and plus all the good things I experienced at Towson outweigh the bad.

As of right now we are getting close to the end of the semester, I decided to write this so I can reflect. My first year at Towson completely flew by! I feels like the fall semester just started! It makes me wonder that if my first year at Towson is going to be THIS good, I wonder how much more exciting it will be the next two years.

Thank you to everyone who made this school year amazing. See you all in the fall.

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