I met you two years ago. I looked at your big blue eyes and instantly knew I was going to be with you, I just didn't know when. I went through that year appreciating your friendship more than anything in the world. You were kind, generous, and patient. I can't even fathom the thought of how patient you were with me. Everyone else thought you should've given up on me, but you didn't. You stuck it out — told them, "No, she's the one."

I'm not the type of person to rush into things. I like taking my time, even if it's painful.

I knew we both needed to grow more as people — as independent individuals. Not that we're completely mature at the moment but better than we were a year and a half ago.

Now, you're still patient. You're still generous. You're still kind. You have hope in our future together. I'm glad to say that I do, too.

No matter how many times my stubborn head gets in the way, you seem to find a hole to get to my senses and fix everything. There are times when we bump heads. Eventually, we figure it out. It's not perfect, but I wouldn't want to do it with anybody else.

I've never laughed so hard in my entire laugh as when I'm with you. I laugh so hard that air comes out of my mouth and I can't breathe for a few seconds — it's the best moment in the world. It's pure bliss with you. I've never cried so hard in my life, but only when I'm with you, because you've made me so vulnerable. I trust you so much with my life that I put you on my insurance.

I'm not the most perfect person in the world, but I believe we're gonna make a great team someday. This was just a little thank you for being a part of my life. I couldn't imagine doing this life with anyone else but you, Antigone.