Living life comes with many difficulties and problems to be dealt with. Growing up, we start to realize just how much needs to be done to attain even the simplest future we dream of. As time passes, the hurdles we need to get through seemingly become tougher to face, and our resolve may start to fall in some instances. In these times of need, I am especially thankful to my friends for their support and encouragement. They help me overcome the challenges that I didn't think I would be able to face initially.

Thank you for listening to me rant about my difficult school life. I know that I can get pretty repetitive in my talks about school work, but I appreciate it when you stay and listen anyway. They were right, college work is no joke, and my constant frustration and stress about Chemistry and the lab that accompanies it is proof of that. I hope you know that my rants to you have helped me let off steam in a way. I also hope that you know that you can come to me when you need an ear for listening.

Thank you for being there during the nights were my nerves won't give me a break. There are plenty of days when going to bed early isn't an option for my body. I lie in bed, tossing, turning, kicking, and stretching in hopes of becoming comfortable enough to fall asleep. In those instances, I'm thankful for the replies you give to my silly texts. I'm also thankful for the time you stayed up with me and talked about various memories. This was truly one of the only times I've enjoyed staying up until four in the morning on a school night.

Thank you for reminding me that I'm doing okay. Recently, I haven't been getting the high grades I was used to in high school. Even though I know that I won't always be passing classes with flying colors in college, I still can't help but feel bad about myself. Then I'm reminded by you that I don't have to always be doing great and that I can always improve. Your encouragement during the times I cry about my insecurities help me feel more hopeful and better about myself. I can never lift myself up the way that you do.

Thank you for your updates and messages. The arrival of our freshman year in college also comes with our first year of not being in the same city or even state. Despite the distance and despite all the differences we now face, we somehow have kept the talks going, even if they may not be as long as they used to be. Even the short exchanges of words, the small mentions in social media, or the infrequent calls to each other, leave me happy and grateful. I know you are busy because I also face the same situation, but you somehow still are able to reach out to me regardless of that.

Thank you for being there despite it all. You may be in Indiana, Ohio, Vermont, back home in Chicago, or even just have a completely different schedule from me, but somehow you always find a way to simply be there. I sometimes forget to relay my message of gratefulness to you, and so here is my appreciation now. I hope I could become a pillar for you guys as well, and that somehow in my words and actions, I've helped you out in some way. I miss you, and I can't wait to see you all again during break.