'thank u, next' Is A Shoutout To Every Toxic Person In Your Life
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'thank u, next' Is The Ultimate Shoutout To Every Toxic Person In Your Life

Thank u, Ariana, for giving me the confidence to stand up to those who have wronged me!

'thank u, next' Is The Ultimate Shoutout To Every Toxic Person In Your Life

To the girl in middle school who called me fat, to all the people I've tried to be friends with that rejected me: this is for you.

Call it shade, call it pettiness, but with Ari's new song fresh in our minds, I decided to use it as inspiration to write a nice little shoutout to some people I want to forget.

This isn't some "I was bullied" story, it's a story about how I became me.

On December 1st, 2018 — I drafted this article while listening to some music. Guess which one just played? That's right — "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green, circa 2010 (wow!)

I remember that song very vividly, it was the one I sang at the middle school talent. I remember it was in our library, and rows of students and parents were lined in front of me, ears open to listen. Then I opened my mouth.

If only I hadn't, but if not, I wouldn't have this article.

To the people who laughed at my pitchiness: Thank u, next.

In high school, I participated in theater. I didn't receive more hate from anyone but my own self. To that attitude, thank u, next.

When I met my first boyfriend, who made me feel guilty for not wanting to spend time with him: thank u, next.

When I met my best friend in high school who dumped my junior year: thank u, next.

When I came to college and met those fake people at orientation who cease to look in my direction, thank u, next.

To my viewpoint of myself at the gym when I stare at those girls with perfect bodies: it's not needed. Thank u, but next.

I could go on, but I won't for my own sanity. Truth be told, Ariana Grande went through a lot of sh*t to get to where she is today, but who hasn't? And when life gets you down, just think about Kris Jenner in Ariana's video as Regina George's mother: truly iconic.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next YouTube

So, to every person who's done me wrong: thank u, next.

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