As much as I love Ariana Grande and her impact on her fanbase, I think it's safe to say, "Thank U, Next" is getting overrated. Annoyingly overrated.

This is less so a rant about the song, but more so a rant about the song's aggravating impact on the culture. It's a go-to Instagram caption and Urban Dictionary term that everyone wants to use to dismiss others or use it to be like of the "cool kids."

God, I sound like an underdog.

Anyway, I love "Thank U, Next" as a song, a timely one prior to her recent break-up with Pete Davidson. Also, must I say that the video is nostalgia galore? Influenced by films like "Mean Girls," my personal favorite "Bring It On," and "Legally Blonde," you basically get 5 minutes worth of teen cult-classic flicks all in one, just to support the term, "Thank U, Next."

But we're overusing the word. It's a fad. It's one of those terms we will repeat once or twice a day, like "Eyebrows on Fleek" or "Deez Nuts" and we'll simply forget about it later on.

Most of you guys use the term out of context.

If someone annoys you? Thank U, Next

If you disagree with someone else's opinion? Thank U, Next

Finals are done? Thank U, Next

Like, stop.

But, I also find the "Thank U, Next" movement annoying because people use it as a core reason to put Ariana Grande on this pedestal like she's this godly girl throwing Lucky Charms and rainbows everywhere. I'm not saying she isn't amazing, but she isn't innocent either.

I don't think any celebrity is.

My point is, the term is annoying now. We get it.