To All Of My Exes: Thank U, Next

To All Of My Exes: Thank U, Next

I'm so grateful for my ex.


We can honestly say that we have all been through a break up to where we do not necessarily like our ex and we learn a lot from that relationship whether it was how to love or even how to handle pain. We all handle breakups differently (some more classy than others) but nothing can be classier than the way Ariana Grande handled all of her breakups. Instead of hating our exes we can learn a few things not only from Ari herself but through her song that she dedicated to her exes.

When I listened to her new song my inner fangirl was screaming especially when she said "Wish I could say Thank You to Malcolm cause he was an angel" because let's be honest; who was not rooting for them (sorry Ari and Pete fans). We have fallen in love before and even been hurt by love but how we handle all of the heartbreaks really show not only the people that broke our heart but the world who we really are. I used to hate being on my own. I used to not like being single because I always felt so lonely. From all of the breakups and pain, I have learned that the only person in a relationship that I know will last forever is me. I am able to handle anything and everything that is thrown my way. But, I would not have learned any of that if it weren't from all of the breakups that I had gone through. So to all of my exes that broke my heart and made me shed a tear or two, I have two words to say to you; thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to fall in love with you. Thank you for allowing me to have so many great memories with you. Thank you for helping me feel emotions that I either have never felt before or for helping me feel those emotions that I have lost. Thank you for teaching me so much about love relationships, and about myself. But most importantly; thank you for helping me realize that I do not need someone to be in my life to grow and with that being said; here's the next chapter in my life.

Here's to focusing on myself as well as loving myself. Here's to working towards a better future and career for myself. But most of all; here's to the future whether it is getting married or being the fun aunt. Whatever it may be I just want to say:

thank u, next

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Why I Will Tell My Children To Wait Until Marriage

Abstinence isn't just a religious thing.

Having grown up in the Bible Belt, I was an avid church goer as a child. Both the church and my parents preached at me that "abstinence is key." They always just said that you shouldn't do anything with someone before you're married because it is just the right thing to do. I always heard that it was just frowned upon, I didn't know that it could be devastating in the future.

Many of us don't wait until marriage. In today's society, abstinence isn't exactly the top priority of our generation. Personally, I didn't wait and fell into the demographic of being "normal." I thought maybe I could find love. I believe most girls convince themselves they can marry just about anyone down the road because it helps us accept what we do. When you are doing what everyone around you seems to be doing, it makes it feel as though it isn't as "wrong" as you thought it was when you are growing up.

Until I met the love of my life, that was my mindset. It wasn't necessarily wrong and it didn't impact anyone other than myself. It turns out I was very wrong. After numerous liars and jerks, I finally found the man that I have always wanted. The guy who gives us that dream that we all have as little girls, but gave up on as we grew older. Neither of us waited until marriage, and neither of us thought of each other. We didn't know each other until we started dating, but we didn't think of the one that we would one day marry. I never knew how someone's past could devastate me. I struggle daily with insecurities and comparisons to the girls he has been with. I don't want to, but I can't help it. I know that he feels the same way about my past. It causes distrust in a society where distrust is already easy enough to have. I never wanted to be that girl that compared myself to others, but it's hard not to think about the other girls and if they were better or if he still thinks about them.

This is why I will tell my children to wait. Not just because God says so, but because it does involve someone other than themselves. It hurts the one they end up marrying. It hurts them later in life. I want my children to do their part of not instilling this lack of confidence that I find myself struggling with. Maybe we can raise our children to be a generation where sex isn't just sex, and it means something again. If abstinence isn't appealing to you because of God, maybe it can appeal to you when you think of that dream guy or girl. Wait for him. Wait for her. Wait for yourself.

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15 Winter Dates For Couples Who'd Rather Snuggle Indoors Than Step Foot Outside

Do I wanna build a snowman? Uhhhh NO!


Christmas time in New England can get pretty damn cold. I mean, we do have a few warm days, but for the most part, it's cold, windy, and sometimes snowy out. Now, if you're anything like me and you don't like the cold, typical Christmas dates might not be for you, but luckily there's plenty of cute dates that don't involve venturing out in the freezing abyss.

So get your hot chocolate, eggnog, ugly sweaters and festive pajamas ready because here are 15 fun winter dates that don't involve you and your partner leaving the house at all.

1. Ginger bread house competition

2. Classic Christmas movie marathon

3. Hallmark movie marathon

Only because my boyfriend's mom LOVES them.

4. Okay so really just any Christmas movie marathon.


5. Making Christmas ornaments

6. Paper snowflake making competition

7. Baking and decorating (and eating!) Christmas cookies

8. Dance around to Christmas music

9. Make each other a new stocking

10. Write a letter to Santa

Super silly but super cute.

11. Take cute Christmas pictures


Perfect time for those ugly Christmas sweaters or Christmas pajamas.

12. Decorate the Christmas tree

And you know the rest of the inside of the house.

13. Wrap presents together

14. Hang a mistletoe and kiss under it

15. Stay up tracking Santa

Don't forget to leave milk and cookies out for him, and carrots out for the reindeer.

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