It's finally that time of year and you're on your way back home after a couple of busy months at school. No member of your family, no matter how loving they are, will welcome you back like your dog will. Or, maybe you live at home and get to see your baby all the time. Whether you live with them or miss them like crazy during the semester, let's be real: our pets are the ones we really should thank this Thanksgiving.

1. They’re not going to ask you if you're still single or if you declared your major yet.

You don't have a boyfriend? No problem. You don't have the slighest idea about what you want to do with your life yet? That's also not a problem.

2. They’ll welcome you back home like no human can.

I don't know any person who would run to the door when they hear my footsteps from outside the house and jump on me until I'm on the floor so they can attack me with licks.

3. They won’t get wine-drunk and subject everyone to awkward political talk.

Your cat may be smart, but she doesn't know enough to talk about Trump's immigration policy by the time you've only just finished their mashed potatoes.

4. They certainly won’t be late to dinner.

Dogs can smell food from a mile away; there's no way he's missing a meal.

5. They won’t let the details of your wild adventures slip in front of your family.

The girl who walked past her job wearing the same mini-skirt and bralette she was wearing the night before? Your cat doesn't know her. The girl who learned the hard way that not all pink drinks taste as good as they look? Your cat doesn't know her, either.

6. They won’t hog the gravy from everybody at the table.

You won't have to ask them to pass the gravy over to you eight times.

7. They’ll help you finish Thanksgiving leftovers.

They're down to eat at any time and any place.

8. They won’t spoil the ending of Game of Thrones season seven.

What kind of monster would do this, anyway?

9. They won’t be a sore loser when they lose Scrabble.

He may try to eat a Scrabble tile, but your dog certainly won't complain when they lose.

10. They won’t judge you no matter how long you stay in your PJs.

Dogs don't have a judgemental bone in their body. Cats, on the other hand… I can't say the same thing for.

11. You wouldn’t want to binge Netflix without them.

Movie marathons with your cat? I can't think of a better night.

12. They’re the best to FaceTime with.

FaceTiming with anyone other than your pet? No, thank you.

13. They are the best snuggle buddies.

Give your dog a place to sleep and they'll cuddle with you.

14. Cuddling with them can make all your problems go away.

The best way to cure a bad mood is to take a snooze with your furry friend.

15. They give the gift of unconditional love.

They'll never stop loving you (as long as you keep those belly rubs coming).

16. The happiness they bring is incomprehensible.

The amount of pure joy they give us can't be manufactured or bought at a store.

17. You may have grown up with them.

These little guys may be such an important part of your life and bring you back to your childhood.

18. They’re thankful for you, too.

teylor veliotis

You know when your cat rubs up against your legs (almost to the point where you can't walk straight)? Or when your dog snuggles up next to you and rests his nose on yours? That's how they show they love you. Trust me: they, too, are very grateful.