18 Reasons To Thank Your Pets This Thanksgiving

18 Reasons To Thank Your Pets This Thanksgiving

Who else is going to greet you at the door like your dog will?


It's finally that time of year and you're on your way back home after a couple of busy months at school. No member of your family, no matter how loving they are, will welcome you back like your dog will. Or, maybe you live at home and get to see your baby all the time. Whether you live with them or miss them like crazy during the semester, let's be real: our pets are the ones we really should thank this Thanksgiving.

1. They’re not going to ask you if you're still single or if you declared your major yet.

You don't have a boyfriend? No problem. You don't have the slighest idea about what you want to do with your life yet? That's also not a problem.

2. They’ll welcome you back home like no human can.

I don't know any person who would run to the door when they hear my footsteps from outside the house and jump on me until I'm on the floor so they can attack me with licks.

3. They won’t get wine-drunk and subject everyone to awkward political talk.

Your cat may be smart, but she doesn't know enough to talk about Trump's immigration policy by the time you've only just finished their mashed potatoes.

4. They certainly won’t be late to dinner.

Dogs can smell food from a mile away; there's no way he's missing a meal.

5. They won’t let the details of your wild adventures slip in front of your family.

The girl who walked past her job wearing the same mini-skirt and bralette she was wearing the night before? Your cat doesn't know her. The girl who learned the hard way that not all pink drinks taste as good as they look? Your cat doesn't know her, either.

6. They won’t hog the gravy from everybody at the table.

You won't have to ask them to pass the gravy over to you eight times.

7. They’ll help you finish Thanksgiving leftovers.

They're down to eat at any time and any place.

8. They won’t spoil the ending of Game of Thrones season seven.

What kind of monster would do this, anyway?

9. They won’t be a sore loser when they lose Scrabble.

He may try to eat a Scrabble tile, but your dog certainly won't complain when they lose.

10. They won’t judge you no matter how long you stay in your PJs.

Dogs don't have a judgemental bone in their body. Cats, on the other hand… I can't say the same thing for.

11. You wouldn’t want to binge Netflix without them.

Movie marathons with your cat? I can't think of a better night.

12. They’re the best to FaceTime with.

FaceTiming with anyone other than your pet? No, thank you.

13. They are the best snuggle buddies.

Give your dog a place to sleep and they'll cuddle with you.

14. Cuddling with them can make all your problems go away.

The best way to cure a bad mood is to take a snooze with your furry friend.

15. They give the gift of unconditional love.

They'll never stop loving you (as long as you keep those belly rubs coming).

16. The happiness they bring is incomprehensible.

The amount of pure joy they give us can't be manufactured or bought at a store.

17. You may have grown up with them.

These little guys may be such an important part of your life and bring you back to your childhood.

18. They’re thankful for you, too.

teylor veliotis

You know when your cat rubs up against your legs (almost to the point where you can't walk straight)? Or when your dog snuggles up next to you and rests his nose on yours? That's how they show they love you. Trust me: they, too, are very grateful.

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5 Ways Impulsively Getting A Dog Saved My Mental Health

Those four paws are good for a lot more than just face kisses.


Shortly before my husband and I officially moved out onto our own, he surprised me with a puppy in hand on the morning of our anniversary. Moving out, tackling college, and everything in between, I thought another huge responsibility was the last thing I needed. However, in reality, Oakley, the lab/Australian shepard/collie mix, was exactly what I needed to get back to "me."

He provides emotional support

One of the most obvious reasons is how much emotional support dogs, (and other respective animals) can provide. His paws have been accidentally stepped on, and he certainly isn't a fan of the forced flea/tick medication doses, but less than 30 seconds later, he is without fail immediately by my side again, tail wagging and ready for more kisses. Although he is not trained or certified as an ESA, it's without a doubt he has effectively (and unconsciously) combated random anxiety attacks or feelings of being alone.

He requires being cared for

You'll heavily judge every crazy fur mama, as did, I until you become one. Getting Oakley immediately got me consistently back on my feet and forced me to ask myself, "What does he need today?"Even simple, easy tasks like taking him out to run/go to the bathroom had me excited and forced me to find a motive in the day to day activities. I loved no longer having even the mere choice to be unproductive. Don't want to start your day? Well, Oakley needs his day started, so let's get moving.

He serves as protection

It's no surprise how far a dog's loyalty will go to protect their owner. For decades, specially trained dogs have had life-saving responsibilities assigned to them. Even being married, my husband and I's schedules vary significantly to where it is not uncommon for me to be alone. The slightest sound or shadow from outside our door immediately initiates barking. In the bathroom taking a shower? He's there. Knowing that Oakley is looking out, even when I get carried away with tasks like cooking dinner, always calms my nerves.

He's become something to look forward to

The nice thing about having Oakley is regardless of how my day goes, I know exactly how it is going to end. Whether I passed an exam with flying colors or got the lowest grade in the class, I know what waits for me when I open the door at home. After a long day, nothing resets my mood like walking into a face that is just as happy and excited to see me!

He encourages bonds with others

If you want your social interaction to sky rocket: get a puppy. No, I'm serious. You'll have people wanting to come over and visit "you" (let's be real… your puppy), like it's your last day on Earth. For me, this was exactly what I needed. Getting Oakley had family members constantly checking in to see how he was growing, learning, etc. Not only did this encourage more interactions with family and friends, but it also "livened" my husband and I's home life. Instead of the "normal" weekend nights consisting of Netflix and MarioKart, (which are enjoyable in their own respective ways), spending our nights playing Monkey in the Middle with our new four-legged friend has proven much more entertaining.

So ideally was it the right time to get a dog? Probably not. However, adding Oakley to my small little family combated anxiety and depression in ways I wouldn't have ever thought possible.

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Do Not Be Ungrateful This Thanksgiving, Here Are 33 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful

We do not spend enough time being thankful, and that is unfair


Thanksgiving is a beautiful, unique and American holiday. Thanksgiving is about food, about family, but especially is about being thankful. I know, we spend a lot of our time complaining about several things, our job, our professor, our boss, our partner, our family, ourselves, our politicians, our favorite artist, our car and much more.

We do not spend enough time being thankful, and that is unfair. We have many reasons to say thanks; I give you thirty-three. Here are my reasons to be thankful (and I think they are yours too):

1. Our family. Even if you don’t like them, they made you like you are.

2. To be alive. You may not like your life, but it is an opportunity.

3. To live in the US. Have you seen all the people in the world who want to live here? The US is a country full of opportunities.

4. Our jobs. I don’t like mine either, but it pays my bill, and it reminds me I can do something better.

5. Our schools/colleges/universities. We are so lucky because we have the chance to study.

6. To vote. It took thousands of years to get the right to vote and chose our representatives, governors, presidents, senator and others (if you’re a woman or part of a minority you must be more thankful).

7. For Facebook. The best way to know our friends and relatives’ lives

8. For our favorite TV shows. We are living in the golden age of TV; we are so lucky (and we have TV Reboots & Revivals).

9. We can dream. We can change our lives; we can choose our destiny. Half of the people in the world do not have that chance.

10. For love. It does not matter if you have a partner or you don’t; enjoy the fact you have your stories and you will have more.

11. For babies, puppies, cats and dogs. What would we do with all those hours watching their videos on Youtube?

12. Free sexuality. We are living in the time where you can be anything you want, and you can love anybody you want. Just think, fifty years ago, we were prisoners of society.

13. “Game of Thrones” is back in April 2019. We have been waiting too long.

14. For books. Reading makes us better people.

15. For Instagram. Food never was more important than now. IG is the best way to know how our celebrities’ lives are.

16. For our friends. I cannot imagine my life without my friends; they are my rock and the best support in the worse moments.

17. For Netflix. How did we spend our Sundays before?

18. We are the last generation who can handle climate change and save the world.

19. For Christmas. 

20. For your kids. I am talking about your own, your nephews, nieces, siblings, godchildren, step kids, even your neighbors.

21. For alcohol and all the good memories (and really bad decisions), it made us have.

22. Freedom of the press. Today more than any other time we must be thankful about freedom of the press (and we must protect it).

23. For our health. Even if you are not completely healthy, you are in the era where medicine is available and improving every second.

24. For #Metoo movement. Finally, we can share our experiences and stop them for the next generations.

25. For traveling. You can go to Australia, Madagascar, France or Chile if you want. There are no limits.

26. For freedom.

27. For second chances. We all need them in all the moments of our lives.

28. For food. Because it makes our lives better and delicious.

29. For memes. Now each picture has a huge potential to be famous.

30. For God or the Gods. Be thankful because you have somebody who listens to your prays.

31. For the Future. Because we can make it.

32. For the past. Because it is our history.

33. For the present. We are living the best of all the times. Today, most of the social movements have had important advances. It is easier to be a woman, a minority, a refugee, an immigrant or have a disability. 

Yes, probably I am missing some important motives to be thankful which means there are dozens of more reasons. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

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