15 Of Netflix's Best Thanksgiving Episodes To Get You Ready For Turkey Day
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15 Of Netflix's Best Thanksgiving Episodes To Get You Ready For Turkey Day

Just something to keep you busy before you start blasting the holiday tunes

15 Of Netflix's Best Thanksgiving Episodes To Get You Ready For Turkey  Day

With Halloween over and Christmas just around the corner, many people neglect that little holiday in between -- Thanksgiving. There aren't really many songs to listen to or movies to watch to get you in the spirit outside of a hand full. However, there are plenty of episodes on Netflix to binge before the big day. Here are 15 of the best Thanksgiving-themed episodes on Netflix:

1. FRIENDS -- "The One With All Of The Thanksgivings"

Season 5 Episode 8

The crew spends another Thanksgiving together full of sharing their most embarrassing and disappointing holidays passed. During this episode, we learn that Monica and Chandler's relationship goes back farther than we thought. One memory hits Chandler right in the...pinky toe, leaving him upset with Monica. How will she get him to forgive her for her past?

2. The Office -- "WUPHF.com"

Season 7 Episode 9

While Jim finds he's losing heart in working at Dunder Mifflin and the rest of the office is trying to convince Michael to go along with their idea of selling their idea, Dwight takes it upon himself to liven up the Autumn spirit and create a hay festival in the parking lot.

3. Gossip Girl -- "Blaire Waldorf Must Pie"

Season 1 Episode 9

Serena and Blair are at a straining point in their friendship after Serena reveals she saw Blair with Chuck. This causes the entire Van Der Woodsen clan to ditch their normal tradition of spending Thanksgiving with the Waldorf's and go to the Humphrey's instead. The dismal tone of the present Thanksgiving causes everyone to reminisce on Thanksgivings passed.

4. How I Met Your Mother "Slapsgiving"

Season 3 Episode 9

With Robin and Ted still attempting to navigate the muddy waters of post-break-up friendship, Marshall calls upon his victory slaps won against Barney in a bet and hails this particular Thanksgiving, Slapsgiving.

5. New Girl "Thanksgiving"

Season 1 Episode 6

What do you get when you mix a quirky girl with her three unique dude roommates, her model-like best friend, a large Thanksgiving bird, and a derpy love interest? Yep, that's right, absolute mayhem.

6. One Tree Hill "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace"

Season 8 Episode 9

After a charred mishap with Brooke's turkey and Skills accidentally ordering a living bird for dinner, everyone eventually ends up at high school sweethearts Nathan and Haley's house for Thanksgiving. This episode is filled with feuding with in-laws, football, friendship, and feasting a.k.a. everything you could ask for in a Thanksgiving special.

7. FRIENDS -- "The One With The Football"

Season 3 Episode 9

Another Thanksgiving with the gang means more reminiscing on traditions from past years. In this case, the Geller Bowl, a family football tournament that took place every year when Ross and Monica were growing up, becomes the topic of talks, intriguing the gang to see whether team Monica or team Ross truly deserves the coveted Geller Cup (a troll doll on a 2x4).

8. Gilmore Girls "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"

Season 3 Episode 9

Being the likable and complicated duo they are, Rory and Lorelai end up committing to show up at four separate Thanksgiving dinners. However, to add to the mayhem, the only thing Lorelai is concerned about is finding out that Rory has secretly applied to other colleges aside from Harvard.

9. That '70's Show "Thank You"

Season 5 Episode 8

With the whole gang together for Thanksgiving, including Kitty's chaotic Mom and Dad, Eric struggles internally about whether or not to tell Red about his poor math grades and, more importantly, his low-key engagement to Donna.

10. FRIENDS "The One With the Late Thanksgiving"

Season 10 Episode 8

Against her initial will, Monica agrees to host Thanksgiving once again with much encouragement from the rest of the crew. However, to her dismay, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross are preoccupied with other plans, causing them all to arrive late. Will the holiday spirit bring them all together, or will a different kind of surprise induce this hug?

11. Scrubs "My Day Off"

Season 1 Episode 9

While doctor Cox is preoccupied attempting to gain the fond attention of his former mentor, Dr. Benson, and Elliot works towards becoming a friendlier doctor, J.D. is diagnosed with appendicitis just in time for the holiday season at Sacred Heart.

12. FRIENDS -- "The One Where Ross Got High"

Season 6 Episode 9

There are lots of firsts in this Thanksgiving episode -- Rachel's first solo dessert making, Chandler and Monica's first Thanksgiving as a couple, and Jack and Judy's first time coming to spend Thanksgiving with the gang. However, in a heated attempt to prevent sharing that Monica and Chandler are living together, something Monica is sure her parents would not approve of, Ross and Monica spill plenty of secrets to their parents.

13. Gilmore Girls "He's Slippin' Em Bread…Dig?"

Season 6 Episode 10

As far as Rory's life is going, situations are looking up as she returns home to Stars Hollow for Thanksgiving after quite a stressful and straining few months academically and emotionally. However, Lorelai may be in for a bombshell as Luke tries to figure out how to go about telling her about his newly discovered daughter.

14. How I Met Your Mother "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap"

Season 9 Episode 14

Another Thanksgiving with the same old crew at Marshall and Lily's, except this time, an unexpected and unwelcome visitor comes to make amends with Lily. As for Barney, he again is in for a slaptastic slapsgiving.

15. FRIENDS -- "The One Where Underdog Gets Away"

Season 1 Episode 9

When everyone's Thanksgiving plans go awry due to a certain giant balloon's escape, the group scraps together a Charlie Brown-esque Thanksgiving in an effort to prevent the holiday from becoming a total waste.

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