As I type my last 500-word article for the Odyssey, I want to take the time to reflect on what writing has done for me and how writing for this platform has impacted my life.

Writing has always been one of my passions. I have been journaling since I was in 6th grade. Just freshman year alone, I have filled five journals with my experiences and thoughts. For me, I have always preferred writing about personal stories over political op-eds.

Ever since I was in high school, I have enjoyed reading Odyssey articles. There have been so many articles that have caught my eye whether they are about my favorite TV shows, relationship advice, or news stories. Last July, I became interested in writing my own Odyssey articles.

Getting involved with this platform was super easy and streamlined. I think writing around two to three articles per month was very manageable and enjoyable. I am so glad I was able to turn a simple hobby into something more impactful. Thank you to all of the hard-working editors, especially Ryan Fan and Emily Sharp, who helped improve my writing and always provide support.

I am so grateful that Odyssey has given me an opportunity for my voice to be heard. Writing for Odyssey has provided me with an outlet to talk about my interests. I am thankful for everything that it has taught me. From learning how to write more organized and descriptive articles to mastering how to properly format a listicle, I learned so many valuable lessons. Most importantly, it has taught me how to be a more confident writer. It gave me the courage to open up and be able to tell others the best parts of my life. I love being able to share stories about college and my travels.

I also love reading articles written by other Odyssey creators and being able to gain more insight into their personalities and lives. I am so fortunate to go to a school with people with such exceptional potential.

My decision to stop writing for Odyssey has absolutely nothing to the platform. This is entirely my decision. While I will still continue to write, I think it is time for this chapter of my life to end. The past ten months included some of the best parts of my life as I was able to meet some of my closest friends at a college I love so much. The fact that I was able to share these moments with the world through the past twenty four articles only made them even more special. This is a very bittersweet moment. I will always treasure my time as an Odyssey Creator.

A special shout out to everyone who has read, shared or supported any of my articles over the past ten months! You guys mean the world to me! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such encouraging and inspiring people. Thank you, Odyssey, for everything!