A Thank You Letter To My High School Friends

To my High School BFFs,

Thinking back to a time before I had all of you in my life is weird. I can't even think of times before the endless laughs, pictures, and times spent saying random things into the late hours of the night. You are there when I need someone to tell silly stories to or reinforcement that what I am doing is correct. I would not be the person I am today without all you crazies in my life. There are times that I think to myself, "wow how did I get so lucky", and realize it most of it stems from all of you. As many compliments that we throw around, here are my heartfelt thank yous to all of you:

Thank you for always being able to make me laugh. From the times that we all just sit on the floor in someone's living room trying to guess a word that one person is thinking or the times when we all dance like crazy at a party, these are memories that I will always cherish.

Thank you for the opinions on clothes even with all our very different senses of style.

Thank you for the visits at school. From the football games to the quick Saturday night visits, there is nothing like having a room full of suitcases filling the floors and friends trying to climb in your bed.

Thank you for the constant reminders of how pretty we all are inside and out. Thank god otherwise we would never be able to do anything fun (all joking aside you are all gorgeous humans)

Thank you for the endless meals shared, hangouts, fun had, and times spent together.

A special thank you to high school basketball for giving me all my favorite humans in the world.

Thank you for sticking together no matter where we are in life. From Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and even Minnesota, I know that you will all always be there to share the love and laughs we have shared in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Thank you for the Snapchat groups, the group messages, and the love of having one Android in the mix. Nothing like receiving the same message multiple times. But can one of you tell me what time tomorrow?

And finally, thank you for being you. The dynamic of the group would be different if just one person left. Everyone has their unique personalities and I love each and everyone one of you for exactly who you are. I was blessed to have you all come into my life and stay in my life. I could not imagine living without each and every one of you.

Although we have graduated from high school and none of us picked the same college (3 years later and still confused why we all didn't pick the same school), our Friendsgiving's, Pajama Christmas gathers, and hangouts are never skipped and I will forever be grateful for that. I can only hope that when we are old and gray we can all be sitting around a table pretending to play cards while singing way off key like we do now.

Lots of love to all of you,


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