Little girls are taught that they have to play with barbie dolls and fit this perfect image of what a girl should be. Little boys are told they must play with cars, army men and are told taught about the importance of providing for their future family. Now, I'll get into the problems with this in another article. Today, let's talk about women.

Mark my words, women are so important and we don't value them the way that I think we should.

Women can do the same job as men, yet still manage to get paid less. Is that fair? Nope, not at all. Am I a whinny teen? Probably, but I have valid points. I have friends going into engineering who are infuriated knowing that they'll be doing the same job as men yet getting paid a good 2,000 less a year than men. Why? The body parts are different, that's really the only big reason. No, it's not because of a masters or PHD. We are talking about two people with the same exact credentials the only difference is that one is a male and the other is a female.

You think child birth is easy? Gosh, no. Women can literally die from giving birth, yet here we are still doing everything we can to keep the human race alive. It takes two to make a kid, but once the pregnancy starts the female is really the one who has to be worried and cautious for those 9 months. Not that I would know, but I've heard it's the most beautiful thing but also extremely painful for the woman.

Women are more nurturing by nature but that doesn't mean that we can't rule or be in higher positions. Who says we can't? We put restrictions on women saying that they can't be presidents or rulers because if "women were in charge of countries then countries wouldn't talk to each other out of pettiness." Okay, we get it we are petty sometimes. Guess what though, there would probably be way less wars if women were in charge. The countries might not always be in affiliation with each other but there would also be way less violence.

Now, I'm not saying women should be in charge of everything.. I'm just saying it should be more equal. We've come a long way in history having to fight for our rights, yet lately it's like we're taking steps back in time for no reason. Women are just as capable as men but most of the time we aren't given the chance to prove that. We are seen as less than a lot of the time and that's not fair.

A female on Odyssey wrote that God made women less than men, and I just don't want to believe that. I have a hard time thinking that the God I personally love so much would want for women to be seen as less than the other sex because of a simple body part. He gave us the gift of being able to have children, which keeps the world going. We are different than men but we are just as valuable to the world as they are.

Things don't change unless you make the change. Be the voice whether it be for the females in your life or for yourself. Be that person and stand up for change. Women need to start being appreciated more and we need to stop putting restrictions on what we can and can't do. Who are you to say a women can't be in power? Or what a woman can or can't do with her body?