Thank You To The Best Friend Who Was Always There

Thank You To The Best Friend Who Was Always There

Some people think soulmates are just for romantic reasons, but I think I found my soulmate: in the form of a best friend, in the form of a sister.

Thank you for all the memories we have and will continue to make.

Memories are funny things. They shape people and many say they change over time. The memories I have of my best friend, though, never change. As I sit here and write, I think about you and how we would talk for hours about nothing and about everything. I never met someone who understood me so well. You're the person I tell everything to and have no fear of judgement. You really are a part of my life and a part of my family. You aren't just a friend to me but rather a sister.

Do you remember the first time we met? We were so young, in third grade. We didn't know each other but I knew I didn't like you. I just came back from a stint in catholic school and you had replaced me in my friend group. I was so jealous of you. You were everything I wanted to be. Then the next year rolled around and our feud continued. All up until one teacher made us use a hat to cast a member in our plays we performed for no reason. You were chosen. I was not a happy camper. In retrospect, I had no idea how that moment would change how I felt about you forever.

We were enemies and somehow, we now have a twelve year friendship. Funny how life works, right?

Twelve years is long. You were there for every awkward phase, just as I was there for yours. I was there when you were super short and I'd use you as an armrest. You were there when karma was a bitch and all of a sudden you were much taller than me and I was the armrest (and still am). You were my first kiss, because I "needed to practice." I realize now we discovered our sexualities together. You were there when I decided that maybe I was asexual because I wasn't attracted to the kiss. You were there when I realized that wasn't it at all, that I was attracted to men but was curious about women.

You were there when my stepdad would get drunk and beat my mom. You never told a soul. Thank you so much for being there and keeping all of my secrets. Even when there was that break where we didn't talk. You held my life in your hands and you never used the darkness that was my life against me.

Thank you for being there when I was being bullied. I know it had to be hard being friends with me because it tainted you by association and quickly made you a target. You never cared though and you ignored when boys would make fun you for being around me.

Thank you for having my back and being my partner in crime. As I write this, I think of all our memories. Do you remember how we used to have stuffed animal fights and my mom would get so mad at us? Or how you would try to get me to watch horror movies and I'd cuddle with a teddy bear and a blanket pulled up to my chin. We never got through the first five minutes before I wimped out. Do you remember Junjou Romantica? We learned to be tolerant together, to be open minded together. We watched an anime about love, neither of us caring it was about two guys falling in love. We related to the characters. They were humans, just like us, their sexuality wasn't a thought for us because we were watching for the storyline. Them being gay wasn't even a thought that crossed our mind. We rooted for them the whole way, just like we would anyone else.

We had friends come and go though our little twosome. We had so many people enter our circle and when they left, there was always us remaining strong in our friendship to one another. We never stopped being friends because we genuinely love each other. Those people were just blinks of time in our friendship.

We still talk today. Maybe not as much as we'd like to but we talk. We live our lives but always have each other in mind. You are my forever friend. My BFFaeaeaeae etc. We may be polar opposites but you complete me. If you hadn't been in my life I wouldn't be who I am today. If you hadn't been in my life, something would have been missing and I would've felt that emptiness everyday until I found you. Thankfully, I found you young. You filled a piece of my soul that was empty. Some people think soulmates are just for romantic reasons, but I think I found my soulmate: in the form of a best friend, in the form of a sister.

Here is to the rest of our lives as friends because I know you will be there until the very end. I love you, baggie. Thank you for being a part of my story. Thank you for always being at my side.

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Sis, You're Beautiful But That's Not All You Got

No matter what they say about you let me tell you what God says about you.


Lately, I've been having beauty and image on my mind a lot. I used to ALWAYS have self-image and body image on my mind constantly in an unhealthy, insecure way so having it on my mind again made me nervous. Then I remembered as I began writing this to you that God usually teaches me what to write before he gives me what to write.

I encountered a lot of different standards and expectations of beauty when I was younger. I still face a lot of different ones today but the first affirmations of beauty I got came from my family. These words and beliefs have always been a solid rock for me and I'd like to share them with you.

You're beautiful. You've always been beautiful. I know you think you look different today or maybe you thought you looked more beautiful at different events or time periods or seasons but you've always been beautiful.

You're made in God's image and in his likeness so you couldn't be anything but beautiful (Genesis 1:27). You know what he says about you?

He says you're fearfully and wonderfully made and wonderful are his works (Psalm 139:14). He was talking about you. He was talking about us. After he made man, he said and it was good (Genesis 1:27).

"God is not human, that he should lie,
not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?" (Numbers 23:19)

The things he has not only whispered to you about you but the dreams he's painted for you that you're not even sure how to achieve are all real whether you choose to believe it or not because he can not lie.

God telling you you're beautiful and helping you with school or work is just as true as him being able to change you, your circumstances and the course of your life if you have faith in him.

You know why the world's beauty standards don't work? Because they're deceitful. They constantly change, lie, exclude and the answer is always moving. They're inconsistent and forever changing. People's moods and opinions of things change over a million times a day. Now you tell me if that sounds like a good place to put your trust in who you think you are.

There's more to you than your beauty.

There's no one else in this world like you. When God made you he put you in a class all by yourself. He didn't make anyone else on this earth that can do what you can do the way you do it.

He didn't give anyone else your charisma, your flair, the way you laugh, the way you think, the way you love, the way you fight, the way you care, the way you pray, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you blush, the way you stand up to things, your style, the way you see things and more. He made you your own person with your own mind. You don't have to be like anyone else because if it was God's mission for you to be the woman next to you then he's smart enough to not waste the life flowing through your veins right now.

If you're breathing then you have a purpose. If you're here to see another day then there's still purpose left in you. Do you see what He's trying to tell you here?

There's more to you then how you look. There's more put in you than the mistakes you've made. There's more to you than your wrongdoings. There's more to you than the times you've quit. There's more to you than your good days and there's more to you than your "off" days. There's more to you than your failures. There's more to you than your insecurities or what you consider your greatest accomplishments. There's more to you than your circumstance and your background. There's more to you than what you're willing to talk about out loud and there's more to you than what you're easily ready to boast about.

There's more to the story.

You are not your mistakes. You are not what you've done. Even when you don't believe it or understand it and even when they lie on your name.

You will always be who God says you are.

There's more to the story he has written for you that you or I could even imagine writing. You're beautiful because you are his.

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