1. "I picked up your favorite lunch. It's in the fridge."

You know the other's eating patterns better than they do. You know when to ask for light on the sauce and what veggies they need in their sub.

2. "Convince me to go to this class."

It doesn't matter how interesting the class or how dedicated you are to your grades, sometimes class is really hard to get to. This is when you lean on your roommate for strength. You aren't really sure how you'll do it next year.

3. "Do you really want cheese SunChips? I don't want you to die."

This one might not apply if your roommate isn't lactose intolerant? It's very important when cheese could ruin her week.

4. "When are you coming back to campus?"

Weekends are hard but weekends alone are harder.

5. "Mom says Hi."

My mom loves my roommate and the feel is mutual. The very first question when I get mom on the phone is, "Is roomie there?"

6. "Where are you? Text me back so I know you're alive?"

Once you know they're fine and just at the library, you begin to wonder how strange it's gonna be when you don't see them each day all day.

7. "Can I borrow *insert literally anything*?"

We live by the concept of what's yours is mine.

8. "What are we gonna do alone?"


9. "Is it allergies or are we actually sick?"

The plague hits those living the dorm life hard and when one roommate goes down it's only a matter of time before the other one follows.

10. "Are you in the room? I think I left all the lights on. Oops?"


11. "Why can't we just room together forever?"

I already miss you somehow.