17 Texts On The Shortlist To Send Your Long-Distance BFF On The Daily
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17 Texts On The Shortlist To Send Your Long-Distance BFF On The Daily

No, distance does not make the heart grow fonder, just needier.

17 Texts On The Shortlist To Send Your Long-Distance BFF On The Daily
Sami Newland

Almost two years ago, I transferred from a university in Southern California to Western Washington University. For the most part, moving back to my home state has been the absolute best move for me. However, there is one thing lacking: my best friend that I had to leave behind (but, only by distance!).

Making a long-distance close friendship work over a long period of time takes a lot of effort, especially if you don't share the same home base. My summers are in Seattle and hers are in San Francisco... as you can see this is still not ideal. You have to put hours into examining each other's calendars and budgeting travel expenses to even think about reuniting.

To make up for the lack of in-person playdates, we have resulted in simultaneously texting, snapping and DMing on Instagram at the same time. And while this will never be the same as obsessing over each other in real life, it helps us stay up to date on every moment of each other's lives.

Two years later and I don't think we've gone more than a day without chatting. If you and your BFF are making long distance work right now, you've probably sent and received these next 17 text messages:

1. "Show me!!!"

This can relate to the blouse she just bought online, the boy she started chatting with on Bumble or the fatty new pimple on her chin.

2. "???"

Often sent as a quadruple text when she is taking too long to reply and you cannot harass her in real life.

3. "Who is that again?"

As hard as you try to keep up with her life in a city 1,000 miles away, keeping all of her friends straight can be a challenge sometimes.

4. "WYWH."

Better known as "wish you were here." Obvious, but it's said on the daily.

5. "Ugh."

When you really, really "wywh," and a double text is necessary, this will do.

6. "Is this cute? I can't decide."

AKA you definitely think "this" is cute, but you need someone to approve your spending. She pretty much always approves because y'all are always on the same page.

7. "Should I post this?"

She is your Instagram curator, your biggest hype woman/man. She lets you down easy if your eyes look like a little deer in the headlights in that pic from Mexico.

8. "Which filter?"

You then proceed to send her five versions of the same pic that would look identical to anyone who hasn't stalked your IG theme a million times.

9. "Will you edit for me?"

Because she really knows what's best for you.

10. "We should go on vacation."

Often said the week after visiting each other. A little taste of seeing them is never enough.

11. "Come over."

This one is always like a dagger to the heart--there is nothing either of you would rather do than hang out with each other.

12. "I just made the best brunch! I'll make it for you next time you're here."

But don't worry, it's gluten free because your dietary restrictions are my dietary restrictions when we're together.

13. "I want Mama D's."

You can insert your date spot of choice. It's just never quite as good without her.

14. "Why don't we live together?"

One day, we will never have to ask this question again.

15. *Insert screenshot of text from someone else*

She always has the best advice on how to respond to sticky situations.

16. "TBT" *insert pic of us being dumb*

Because both of you constantly go back through your camera roll. Mainly obsessing over the times you were in the same place at the same time.

17. "I miss your bed/house/dog/mom."

When you've been too cheesy lately and need to take a little bit of the attention off your BFF. Even though you're obviously still thinking about her.

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