It's that time of year again college folks! Time to buy those overpriced, underused books that are "required" for a class. Yes, every semester or quarter, or however your school does it, professors require you to buy an exorbitant amount of books at ridiculous prices. And what do we do? We buy them and then never read them and then sell back the $200 biology book for a nickel.

When did it become a rule among textbooks authors and professors that these books should be this expensive? I get it, everyone's trying to make a living. But students are also just trying to live! That $500 I spent on books could have been food! Or clothes! Or a car payment!

Hopefully this semester your textbooks are cheaper than last semester and I hope you actually use them. Over these four years I have purchased many a book only to read the Wikipedia page and skim the chapters while in class discussing the pages we were meant to read. The only time a textbook is useful is when you have to write a paper or do math.

I would start a boycott but I want to pass my classes.

I don't know who this article would be for, but thanks for reading my rant and tune in next week for another rant about something petty and stupid; same time, same place.