I get it...

It's the time of year when your friends are getting engaged, posting that their excepting a baby girl, or getting boo'ed up with the cute boy from down the street. You feel pretty damn lonely watching The Office for the 5th time through. You pick up your phone scroll through your social media to distract yourself. You suddenly get the urge to text that certain someone. I already know what you're about to do... and I am here to tell you that,


Put down your phone and listen to what I have to say.

We have all been in your shoes and it's safe to say that texting your ex is one of the most tempting things out there. But why put yourself through something that you've already overcome? Yes, this article is going to make you feel empowered and like a whole new woman!

Reminder yourself why you're better off. Think about all the great things you've accomplished without him. You've become stronger and confident. Plus, less time worrying about him, means more time worrying about YOURSELF. Self-care is one of the most important things when it comes moving on and being a better you, so don't forget it!

You broke up for a reason. Whatever these reasons are, take them to heart and remind yourself that it's okay to pick yourself up and move forward (Notice I didn't say 'move on'.) No matter how big or small the reasoning behind your break up, it was enough to break up. So put on your favorite pair of jeans and get out of the house sister!

New year. New mans am I right?! What's better than starting the new year with a new love interest? Keep things upbeat and fun, put yourself out there, and DELETE YOUR EX'S NUMBER!

2019 is the perfect opportunity to know your worth and forget the ex. Can be scary, but believe me when I say, it is for the better. If this was the sign you were looking for to move on, forget him, or block him. Well. Here it is. Cheers to a year full of little to no heartbreak, and NO TEXTING YOUR EX!