Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Attacks On Trans Youth Are Motivated By Hate
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Attacks On Trans Youth Are Motivated By Hate

The Governor of Texas has unleashed a targeted attack on trans youth.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Attacks On Trans Youth Are Motivated By Hate

The transgender community is currently at the forefront of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Transgender identity is still a new concept to a lot of people. Fear is often the mass result of something uncommon or unfamiliar. This fear often shows itself through hatred, something the trans community knows all too well. Trans women of color are murdered at an alarmingly high rate. Trans youth are targeted by politicians who seek to make their journeys more difficult in school, at the doctor's office, and even at home. The latest such attack came from the Governor of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott officially instructed Family and Protective Services to start investigating all transgender children in the state. They have also been directed to prosecute the parents in question as child abusers. All teachers, doctors, and caregivers have also been ordered to begin reporting any trans students they see. These professionals risk losing their job if they don't comply.

This is completely barbaric and is nothing more than a targeted attack on trans youth. Ignorant and hateful individuals might see this as "rescuing" children from bad influences. However, it must be emphasized that one doesn't choose their gender identity. Parents, teachers, and doctors who support these children aren't enabling abuse. This attack is partially the result of misunderstanding key aspects of trans identity.

One aspect of trans identity clearly not understood is gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the feeling of being in the wrong body. In this case, it would be the body of the gender that doesn't line up with the person's gender identity. Children who experience this are at higher risk of suicide and self-harm. When the body starts going through puberty, their dysphoria is heightened.

It's absurd how Abbott wants to eliminate resources that help trans youth, yet he offers no solution to the contrary. This is because there are no solutions to the contrary. The treatment doctors administer are based on scientific studies and in-depth research. Medical professionals are the ones who claim these treatment options are most necessary. All Abbott seemingly wants to do is enable depression and increase suicide among children.

This is why being diagnosed as transgender and taking puberty blockers is so important. A big misconception of puberty blockers is that they cause transgender youth to become sterile. This isn't true at all. Puberty blockers do just what they say. They block the process of puberty from taking place. If the adolescent in question chooses not to transition, they can stop taking the puberty blockers. Their body will quite literally pick up where it left off and resume the process of puberty. Puberty blockers do not cause this kind of irreversible change.

As previously stated, puberty blockers are something a doctor prescribes to the patient. It's not an over-the-counter medication. It's something that would only be prescribed once a formal diagnosis has taken place. No child or pre-teen is undergoing any surgery to change their genitalia. A doctor wouldn't allow such a procedure to take place if the patient is below a certain age.

The doctors are taking careful steps to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the child. Again, they're acting based on scientific studies that determine the best course of action in diagnosing and treating these issues. Similarly, parents aren't doing any harm to their children by accepting them either. They're simply allowing their kids to dress how they like as well as referring to them by their preferred name and pronouns.

The parents and doctors aren't abusing these children in any capacity. Quite the contrary. They are helping these kids become more comfortable in their own skin. They are offering support and going at a pace appropriate for the child's age. Granted, much of the opposition to the trans community comes from ignorance. However, the information is out there for people to research. When a figure like Abbott makes such a move, he should do the research and learn all the information beforehand. Therefore, it feels like he's coming not just from ignorance, but blatant hatred.

The trans community, especially trans youth, doesn't need hatred. The politicians who constantly target these children need to be educated. They need to stop going after children and get informed on the facts. If the trans community needs anything, it's support and understanding. LGBTQ youth are particularly at high risk of suicide and with figures like Abbott in power, it's not hard to understand why. The support systems these kids have should be celebrated, not taken away from them. We must move in the direction of progress. The first step is eliminating ignorance, but we must break down the barriers of hatred in order to get there.

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