Texas Vigilante Abortion Law Is Unconsititional
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Texas Vigilante Abortion Law Is Unconsititional

So here we are at the cusp of another legal battle as Texas takes the bar higher and crazier.

Texas Vigilante Abortion Law Is Unconsititional

I know abortion rights has been a political thorn in everyone's side for decades. I grew up in the era that went to the streets and protested a woman's right to choose. I am on the side of letting the individual person make that choice. So here we are at the cusp of another legal battle as Texas takes the bar higher and crazier.

I saw a meme on Facebook this morning that stated. "Texas, where a virus has reproductive rights, and a woman does not." Hits right between the eyes if you have any kind of conscience. So, let me explain to you what this new law Senate Bill 8, which I would prefer to call it "Shit Bill 8", is an abomination. What the Texas did was enact a posse of vigilantes to seek and destroy the reputations and medical health of all women.

Of course, the powers that be had no way of prosecuting a woman for seeking an abortion, now is allowing anyone with a grudge or hatred in their hearts to file suit against physicians, activists, and probably even some of their own family members to prevent a woman from making her own choice.

It scares me to think that in the same decade that the world is battling a deadly virus and people are fighting over the rights of vaccinations and the simple act of wearing a mask, are part of the world decided to go back in time and put women's rights on hold. Can you see the irony of this? We see parents standing on street corners with signs saying they have a right to choose when it comes to the pandemic. The government has not right to their bodies, yet those same people will also carry signs saying a woman does not have a right to choose what happens to her own body.

No this is not just a male vs female issue. There are plenty of women who have never been faced with the situation that might require them to make a choice of saving their life because the fetus in their womb is going to kill her. That having the child will be a sacrifice that changes her life and the lives of possible other children or family members. So, walk in their shoes for just once in your life and get real. The creation of this tiny cell has nothing to do with your life, you won't weep nights over it, you won't fear the hatred of others for your choice, you are putting a label on a person for your religious beliefs.

We are losing ground here ladies, something must give. We have expected the impossible to happen. You know what I'm talking about. For some reason we all believed that our vote was the end all to unjust political bullshit and extremist jargon regarding our society that is falling apart at the seams.

It doesn't matter, if half of the country is at odds with the other half because of mask mandates, vaccines, Afghanistan, boarder protection, and abortion laws. We can't vote out all the half crazed, power driven politicians. Besides we are a year away from mid-term elections. By this time next year women of certain class might be bound and gagged.

I know you think I am overreacting, yet we have been through a lot in the past five years. A president that made a mockery of the white house, A war between the two governing bodies, that are preventing us from moving forward in a social and economic team. A deadly virus that killed millions of people worldwide and is a lot like the wildfires in California not being contained.

There is a voice of assurance speaking out, our country's attorney general, Merrick Garland, held a press conference and announced the United Stated is suing the State of Texas for their unlawful attempt to thwart the law by handing the responsibility over to the citizens in Texas. Yes, this is a constitutional issue that needs to be addressed. The wild west is no longer a thing and posses are for John Wayne movies not on the streets of Dallas, Texas.

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