Ten Songs To Listen To While You Study
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Ten Songs To Listen To While You Study

This is the ultimate playlist for study sessions.

Ten Songs To Listen To While You Study

I am, like many people, the type of person that can become distracted easily when I need to study; whether because the world around me is infinitely more interesting than whatever information that I am trying to force into my head or whatever else it may be. Regardless, I find that listening to music helps me stay focused. Though I find that I get even more distracted if I try to listen to classical music, or any that does not have lyrics, but at the same time, I can become distracted by music with too many or disrupting lyrics. So, while I may love a song, I may not be able to listen to it while I study. To illustrated the type of music I listen to while I study, I have created a list of ten songs that are in my studying playlist.

1. Paris by The Chainsmokers

This song has a pretty laid-back and chill vibe to it and the lead singers voice is smooth and easy to get lost in. The song is one that you can listen to and enjoy, without having to actually pay attention to it; which means that you can focus on your studying. (Plus, having traveled to Paris, I’m a little biased just for the name.)

2. Buddy Holly by Weezer

This song is more upbeat and is more rock than pop, but just as good. It’s a song that gets you hyped, which helps you accomplish all of your studying - and the music video references Happy Days.

3. Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

This song was introduced to me by a friend through a playlist of other amazing songs that I had never heard. It has quickly become one of my favorites to play while I study.

4. Fairly Local by Twenty-One Pilots

This is another song that I had never heard, but I am a fan of Twenty-One Pilots, so I wasn’t surprised that I liked the song. Again, it’s not so much pop as it is rock, but the instruments aren’t distracting and its overall a really good song.

5. Anna Sun by WALK THE MOON

While the song Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON is a lot more popular, Anna Sun is nowhere near as dance-y. I would get off topic if I tried to listen to the former instead of listening to this song.

6. Bad Blood by Bastille

This is not the song by Taylor Swift (not that that’s a bad song) but instead a soft rock song with powerful vocals and – while it does get stuck in my head – is perfect to help you learn those tricky management terms.

7. Human by The Killers

This song always inspires me for some unknown reason. The Killers being a big part in the soundtrack of my childhood, I’ve known the song for a long time and it’s always a great song to throw on if I need to learn any information.

8. New Americana by Halsey

There being only one woman on this list was not on purpose, but Halsey is one of the only women artists that I know that creates music like she does. Halsey music is marked by a slow tempo and powerful lyrics, the perfect music to use to focus on accounting.

9. Dandelion Hair by Joe Brooks featuring Melissa Polinar

Joe Brooks is by far one of my favorite artists of all time and he is the artist that I turn to for anything at all. Need to zone out from the world? Joe Brooks. Want something to sing to in the shower? Joe Brooks. Have an important test to study for? Joe Brooks.

10. Riptide by Vance Joy

This song is older than some of the others on this list, but it’s recently become one of my favorites in my studying playlist. It’s a memorable song, if only for the vocals, and it helps you remember that study guide.

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