Ten Shows You Have To Binge Watch
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Ten Shows You Have To Binge Watch

Looking for a new show or new to Netflix? This list will be your best friend!

Ten Shows You Have To Binge Watch
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All of us have our guilty pleasures. For some, it's eating that extra square (or bar) of chocolate. For others it might be an embarrassing band that they love or re-watching a movie they've seen a bunch of times. For a lot of people, myself included, they indulge in binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Binge watching is the marathoning of one TV show on Netflix, typically in one time period. Binge watching also commonly includes continuous snacking on junk food too. If you're new to Netflix and the idea of binge watching, here are some great shows to check out.

**The shows are listed in no particular order of favorites**

1. United States of Tara

United States of Tara is a captivating show about a woman living with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and her interactions with her family and her life around her. The only downside is it's only three seasons.

2. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a show that went from not-so-great to spectacular in a few seasons. This seven season show is set in Pawnee, Indiana and is about an ambitious government Leslie Knope and her work life.

3. How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby is just a guy in New York City looking for "the one". The show is narrated by Ted as he recounts the story of how he meets his wife to his kids. The show is eight seasons of pure joy and you will definitely fall in love with the characters by the end.

4. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a mother-daughter show set in a town called Stars Hollow. The show is funny, quirky, and will leave you feeling all the warm fuzzies. Even if you have already seen this one, Netflix is coming out with four new episodes so you can get your binge watch on with the Gilmores all over again!

5. Scrubs

One of my personal favorites, scrubs is set in a hospital and details the day-to-day of a doctor. Between hospital relationships, patients, other doctors, and singing lawyers, this show has the perfect blend of comedy and reality to make it one of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix. Word of warning: the ninth season isn't nearly as good as the rest of them. It should have ended after season eight.

6. Friends

Everyone knows of this show, whether or not you've actually seen it. By the end of the first season, you'll be clapping along with the theme song, more than likely at 2am when you're choosing the show instead of sleep.

7. Psych

This show is such an amazing show full of crime fighting, problem solving, and bromances. If you like comedy and police work with just a flare of romance, this is show show for you!

8. Dexter

This show is about a man named Dexter who works for the Miami Police Department who hides a very big secret. This show will pull you in and not let you go until you've seen all eight seasons. Disclaimer: Lots of blood and violence.

9. Glee

So here's what you missed on Glee: This show is perfect for any lover of music. With high school scenes that will remind you of your glory days, and musical numbers form every possible genre, you'll fall in love with this show from the very first episode.

10. Chuck

Chuck is your not-so-traditional spy show. Chuck, the cute, quirky, nerd gets roped into working for the CIA and is paired with the beautiful Sarah. Together they have undeniable chemistry and make a crime-fighting power team. This show is sure to pull you in and keep you chained to your laptop and popcorn for days.

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