Ten Reasons Why Technology Is Beneficial To our Success
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Ten Reasons Why Technology Is Beneficial To our Success

Ten Reasons Why Technology Is Beneficial To our Success

Today’s generation has a bad rap for constantly being in touch with our technology; however, what many do not realize is how truly beneficial our technology is. From scheduling the due dates for assignments and meetings to finding a job, technology has improved our daily lives for the better. Below are the top ten ways technology has improved our lives.

1. Google Maps

Before GPS systems, we had to ask for directions before we went somewhere or we had to bring a map. If you were lost, you often had to find someone who could offer directions, and it was not likely that everyone knew where every popular destination was located. Now, with the tap of a screen, one can find their way almost anywhere, and know exactly how long it will take to get their.

2. Uber and Lyft

Sometimes one needs a ride to a popular destination. Calling a taxi can take time, and it is also expensive. Uber and Lyft offer rides in less than ten minutes, and they are usually less expensive than a traditional taxi.

3. Group Messages

While annoying, group messages allow people to always be in touch and stay informed of upcoming events and outings with their groups.

4. Calendars

With calendar applications, one can be notified when they have a meeting scheduled without having to rely on a paper planner.

5. Social Media

Because of social media, the world is smaller than ever. With the tap of a button, one can communicate with family or friends next door or around the world.

6. Ebooks

Ebooks make it easier for many readers to access the books they love. Audio books allow anyone to enjoy their favorite novel or class textbook, even on long road trips.

7. Smart Watches

Smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, allow the user to see their phone notifications without having to look at their phone. These also allow people to track their daily exercise, which is a popular activity among many.

8. Smart TVs

Watching TV has gotten even easier. Instead of searching for your favorite TV show, one can watch it on demand.

9. Emergency Notification

If their is bad weather in the area or or another emergency, more people are informed than ever before.

10. There’s An App for That

Today, their is an app for almost everything—news, weather, games, and email.

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