10 Reasons To Love Jessie James Decker

10 Reasons To Love Jessie James Decker

Singer/Songwriter. Mom. AMAZING HUMAN BEING.

Jessie James Decker is an amazing woman that many of you may only know of because she is married to football star, Eric Decker, or you may not even know anything about her at all. While being married to someone so beautiful is an amazing accomplishment, she is also an incredible person on her own.

Jessie and Eric have three young children, as well as Jessie having a successful country singing career and clothing line on top of it all. I have been a fan of JJD ever since her show, "Eric and Jessie: Game On", premiered on E! Network with her then-fiancee in 2013. I am going to tell you why you should love all Jessie James Decker has to offer too because she is more than just a piece of arm candy, or basic country singer.

1. She is an amazing mom

Being a mom is JJD's first and favorite job. She is the mother of one girl and two boys. Vivianne Rose was born in 2014 and is her oldest child. Her pregnancy with Vivi, as they call her, was televised on their show. She then gave birth to Eric "Bubby" Jr. in 2015 and recently gave birth to their final child, Forrest Bradley. Jessie has said multiple times how much she loves being a mom, and from the looks of all her Instagram posts, they love having her as a mom too.

2. She has a successful clothing line: Kittenish

According to the store's website, having a clothing line and boutique was Jessie's dream from a young age. She wanted a line that allowed women to feel confident and be happy with the clothes they were wearing. "Kittenish isn't just a look, it's a feeling. Look kittenish, feel kittenish, be kittenish." She recently revamped the whole online store and is constantly pushing new products. Check out all https://kittenish.com has to offer!

3. Her husband is HOT!

Jessie and Eric Decker are known for being an insanely gorgeous couple. I don't know about you, but Eric Decker has to be one of the hottest players in the NFL right now. I have no words left to say besides he is beautiful.

4. She doesn't care what people think of her

Jessie is a wild spirit who is always down to have an amazing time. Whether it is being way too obsessed with her husband, crazy dancing, or just being herself, she never lets the haters get her down. I think everyone should aspire to have her carefree personality.

5. She is hilarious

If you have ever watched her E! television show, you will know how hilariously funny JJD is. You can even find how funny she is through her Instagram captions too! She knows how to crack jokes like it's no one's business, which also is paired with her carefree attitude. She is just genuinely funny and to be honest, I think no matter what she says, jokes or not, can instantly make a room laugh.

6. She recognizes the importance of family

Jessie always posts about how close her and her mom are, as well as how tight nit their whole family is. She has a sister and a brother, John, and Sydney, and they always can be seen having large family gatherings. It may just be the southern charm that she grew up with, but it is also something that she and Eric are carrying over into their own family. On her show, they are seen having many family dinners, get together, and even just doing chores around the house as a family.

7. Her marriage is goals

Eric and Jessie have been together for seven years and married for almost 5 years. They are known for being a beautiful couple, along with being super in love. They always talk about how much they love each other and want to make tons of babies (lol). They are going to be that famous couple that no matter what, will last until the end of time.

8. Oh yeah, she can SING!

Jessie can be honored to say she has amazing records and an amazing fan base. Her latest album, 'Southern Girl City Lights' hit the number one spot on the Country Billboard Charts. Her first album, 'Jessie James' had over 120,000 sales. She also has a Christmas album, where her hubby is found singing 'Baby It's Cold Outside' on the special track. She has also performed at the Grand Ol Opry, which is an amazing accomplishment as a singer!

9. Her husband... again... he's beautiful!

Sorry, I had to show him just once more. Like c'mon, he's just so pretty. And an amazing dad of course!

10. She can be one of your favorite celebs too!

Jessie James Decker doesn't come with drama. She doesn't come with scandal. You don't have to feel guilty for loving her or stalking her on the daily. You don't have to feel guilty for knowing basically everything about her. You don't have to feel weird having hour-long conversations with your friends about whether or not she was going to have a boy or girl as her third child (shoutout Lizzy... my JJD obsessed BFF).

Jessie James Decker is honestly just a great person, and she can be your next guilty pleasure celeb to be obsessed with too!

Cover Image Credit: The Stars Facts

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