10 Reasons 'Glee' Is Still One Of The Most Relevant Teen Dramas To Exist

10 Reasons 'Glee' Is Still One Of The Most Relevant Teen Dramas To Exist

It may have officially ended in 2014, but the themes and character archetypes are still relevant today.


From one "Glee" fan to another.

It shows you how high school ISN'T the end of the world.

Screen Rant

While in high school, every little inconvenience seems to end your world; "Glee" shows you how you can progress and grow from these moments.

Amazing character development around every corner.

Hogwarts Life Wiki

Every new season brought a new layer to each character, especially Coach Sylvester, who arguably had the greatest character development of the whole series.

There's a song that everyone will enjoy.

TV Guide

Of all of the songs sung in its six seasons, there was definitely something for everyone, from Queen to Lady Gaga to "Grease."

The amount of representation in the characters.


For its time, "Glee" had a rather impressive amount of representation in its cast of characters.

It shows a realistic amount of ups and downs in life.

Glee TV Show Wiki

From graduations to funerals to weddings to prom, it covered almost all aspects of life.

The whole cast could sing.

TV Tropes

The amount of triple threats (singing, dancing, and acting) on this show was incredible and unmatched at the time.

It exemplifies the idea that when things don't work out, it isn't the end of the world.

Glee TV Show Wiki

When Kurt doesn't get into the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA), he put his dream aside for a semester to pursue a career in fashion.

It created a vast amount of predictable and unexpected ships.

Glee TV Show Wiki

The most famous ones, in alphabetical order: Brittana (Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez), Finchel (Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry), Klaine (Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson), Quick (Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman), St. Berry (Jesse St. James and Rachel Berry), Tike (Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang), Wemma (Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury).

It's provides a more realistic version of high school, unlike "High School Musical."


Real drama, ending friendships, graduation, prom dates, yearbook photos, class presidency... you name it, it was in there.

 Its last season gave us the closure we all needed.

Glee TV Show Wiki

Although the last few seasons were a little rough, the final season gave us lasting closure and a finality to the long-running masterpiece.

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