Ten Reasons The 1950s Were Awesome

Are you bored of your decade? Does it just not hold the same fascination for you anymore? Do you wish you could move to a different time period? Well, we here at the Drexel Odyssey are here to tell you that you can't, not unless time travel was just invented and we didn't hear about it. The only time traveling we can do today is reminisce. Nostalgia is the most powerful time machine, someone's grandfather always probably said. On that poignant note, welcome to a series on the different decades of the 20th century. This week we take a look at a simpler time, when things were just swell and the threat of nuclear annihilation loomed like a dark cloud above the United States and Soviet Union. See? We're having fun already! Ok, get comfy because here are 10 reasons that the 1950s were an awesome decade:

1. Two Words: Lucille Ball

You got some splainin' to do!

2. Shlocky sci-fi B-movies

Industrial Light & Magic must have really fallen on hard times. Those effects suck!

3. The birth of rock and roll

Thank you, thank you very much.

4. Wholesome family values

Gee whillikers, Betty, that'd be just swell!

5. A nice dollop of Cold War paranoia

Anyone up for a game of solitaire?

6. The duck and cover method

Good for you, Sally. The Communists don't know that the only thing that can stop a nuclear bomb is a simple school desk.

7. Greasers

I got chills...

8. The Golden Age of television


9. Two more words: Marilyn Monroe

Eat your heart out, ScarJo!

10. Drive-In theaters/restaurants

American laziness in its natural habitat

'50s OUT!

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