Ten Online Boutiques For Millennial Fashionistas

Forever 21. H&M. Charlotte Russe. Express. Victoria's Secret. We all know the staple mall stops for the average millennial woman. They all have a special place in my heart, but so do the following online boutiques that come in handy when you want to shop on your busy schedule of Netflix and staying in bed all day.

Some of these boutiques have a few store locations but are all mainly based online. Check them all out as well as their Instagram accounts!

1. Apricot Lane

Website: apricotlaneboutique.com

Instagram: @apricotlane

2. The Pink Lily Boutique

Website: pinklily.com

Instagram: @thepinklilyboutique

3. For Elyse

Website: forelyse.com

Instagram: @forelyse

4. Ashton Rain Boutique

Website: ashtonrain.com

Instagram: @ashtonrainboutique

5. Recluse Apparel

Website: recluseapparel.com

Instagram: @recluseapparel

6. Sea Salt and Honey Boutique

Website: seasaltandhoney.com

Instagram: @seasaltandhoneyboutique

7. Lucy In The Sky

Website: lucyinthesky.com

Instagram: @lucyintheskystore

8. Desire Wear

Website: desirewear.co

Instagram: @desirewear.co

9. ThirtyOne Boutique

Website: thirtyoneboutique.com

Instagram: @thirtyonebtq

10. Thread Lust

Website: threadlust.com

Instagram: @threadlust

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