Ten Essential Things To Bring To College
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Student Life

Ten Essential Things To Bring To College

An umbrella might not be the first thing you think of, but having one is an important asset.

Ten Essential Things To Bring To College
Utica College

1. Shower caddy.

It goes without saying that you'll need something to carry your shower supplies with. This is most important in a communal bathroom setting, but it's still nice to have all your shower supplies in one place. Make sure your caddy has holes so any water that gets inside doesn't stagnate.

2. A fan.

Whether it's for cooling purposes or to drown out the noise of the freshman dorms, a fan is invaluable even in the wintertime. Heating can be much too intense when it's time to shut the windows for the rest of the year, and it's good to have a backup to cool down. This will also be your lifesaver in the first few sweltering weeks of school.

3. A formal outfit.

You may not think about this since you're welcome now to go to school in your pajamas whenever you see fit, but having a formal outfit lurking in your closet will be very beneficial. You may have to attend a formal event that you aren't anticipating and it'll be much better to have the outfit than to scramble.

4. Shower shoes.

An addition to #1, shower shoes are especially important. College dorm bathrooms are gross, let's face it. Wearing shoes when you go to the bathroom and especially to shower will help prevent any unnecessary spread of germs.

5. Command hooks.

Command hooks and other adhesive hooks will prove invaluable in your dorm room. Stocking up on these will keep the things you want on your walls secure until you take them down at the end of the term.

6. Umbrella.

This seems like an obvious one, but many new students forget to buy an umbrella to have with them at school. Especially during the spring, this is an important asset that will make walking to class a whole lot less painful.

7. Important paperwork.

Having important documents like health insurance information on you will be very helpful in case of an emergency or an illness that requires you to get medical help. Leaving these at home could waste valuable time.

8. Bandaids.

Having band-aids and other first aid equipment on hand will be helpful to you and your friends in case of an injury. Things like disinfecting ointment and cold medicine will also be helpful in the long run.

9. Healthier snack foods.

If you have ramen and potato chips in your dorm room, you're going to eat them. If you surround yourself with healthier alternatives, you'll be more prone and likely to eat those instead of junkier foods.

10. Stain remover.

This is one of the most important assets to any dorm room. Whether it's for clothes or for carpet (which works very well, surprisingly!) having a bottle or Tide stick around will be very useful in keeping your dorm room looking clean and nice.

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