Ten 90's Songs You Forgot You Loved

Ten 90's Songs You Forgot You Loved


From clothing to television shows, there's much to love about the 90's. However, the decade's highest point was very clearly the music. The 90's graced us with so much musical talent that we didn't know what to do with it all. During these years, we met Christina Aguilera, TLC, and the Backstreet Boys! And where would we be without them today? Destiny's Child could have ended up with an entirely different group of members, and Brandy might still be promoting her fake marriage. I'm as happy as the next guy that we ended up with Kelly, Michelle and Queen Bey, but 90's music has proven to be a crucial point in today's music history. Here's 10 songs that you might have forgotten you love.

1. Closing Time - Semisonic (1998) - "Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here / I know who I want to take me home... Take me home"

"You don't have to go home but you can't stay here." Is the bar closing already?

2. Every Morning - Sugar Ray (1999) - "Every morning there's a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed"

If her halo is hanging on the bed post in the morning, does that mean she was an angel during the day but a devil at night?

3. Mr. Jones - Counting Crows (1993) - "She's looking at you. Ah, no, no, she's looking at me"

This song shows a little irony behind the pros and cons of fame. When he says "When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely," he's actually joking about the fact that when Mr. Jones was released, he started being recognized all over the place, but didn't really care for the fame.

4. Loser - Beck (1994) - "Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?"

Believe it or not, this one was actually recorded as a joke. A friend of his always called him a loser, so he wrote it into the chorus but never expected anything to come from it.

5. Jumper - Third Eye Blind (1997) - "I wish you would step back form that ledge my friend / And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand"

Jumper isn't just about some guy killing himself. It's about understanding the fact that everyone carries demons, but there will come a time where you learn to "put the past away."

6. How Bizarre - OMC (1996) - "How bizarre, how bizarre / Ooh baby, it's making me crazy, every time I look around it's in my face"

This track reached #1 in eight different countries, though the album didn't get released until over a year later when the band finally completed the remaining tracks.

7. She's So High - Tal Bachman (1999) - "Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite / She's so high, high above me"

It runs in the family? It's true here! Tal Bachman is the son of Randy Bachman (of The Guess Who). Though music runs in the family, Tal's sound is much more mellow than his father's.

8. What It's Like - Everlast (1998) - "God forbid you ever had to wake up to hear the news / 'Cause then you might really know what it's like to have to lose"

This track discusses stereotyping people. It tells three stories: one about a homeless man, one about a pregnant girl who's boyfriend leaves her, and one about a drug dealer who gets killed and his family has to deal with the loss.

9. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day (1997) - "It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right / I hope you had the time of your life"

This ballad was written to show that the band was capable of more than rock music. Many customers purchased the album expecting similar songs and returned them when they found rock tunes.

10. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65 (1999) - "Blue are the feelings that live inside me / I'm blue da ba dee da ba die"

The distorted vocals on this track are similar to those that Cher used on her hit "Believe." Fun fact: the little blue character in the music video is named Zoroti!

It's okay, you don't have to admit it. We already know these are just a few of your guilty pleasures. Feel free to sing along and relive that wonderful time that we call the 90's.

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Sorry Not Sorry, My Parents Paid For My Coachella Trip

No haters are going to bring me down.

With Coachella officially over, lives can go back to normal and we can all relive Beyonce’s performance online for years to come. Or, if you were like me and actually there, you can replay the experience in your mind for the rest of your life, holding dear to the memories of an epic weekend and a cultural experience like no other on the planet.

And I want to be clear about the Beyonce show: it really was that good.

But with any big event beloved by many, there will always be the haters on the other side. The #nochella’s, the haters of all things ‘Chella fashion. And let me just say this, the flower headbands aren’t cultural appropriation, they’re simply items of clothing used to express the stylistic tendency of a fashion-forward event.

Because yes, the music, and sure, the art, but so much of what Coachella is, really, is about the fashion and what you and your friends are wearing. It's supposed to be fun, not political! Anyway, back to the main point of this.

One of the biggest things people love to hate on about Coachella is the fact that many of the attendees have their tickets bought for them by their parents.

Sorry? It’s not my fault that my parents have enough money to buy their daughter and her friends the gift of going to one of the most amazing melting pots of all things weird and beautiful. It’s not my fault about your life, and it’s none of your business about mine.

All my life, I’ve dealt with people commenting on me, mostly liking, but there are always a few that seem upset about the way I live my life.

One time, I was riding my dolphin out in Turks and Cacaos, (“riding” is the act of holding onto their fin as they swim and you sort of glide next to them. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience between human and animal and I really think, when I looked in my dolphin’s eye, that we made a connection that will last forever) and someone I knew threw shade my way for getting to do it.

Don’t make me be the bad guy.

I felt shame for years after my 16th birthday, where my parents got me an Escalade. People at school made fun of me (especially after I drove into a ditch...oops!) and said I didn’t deserve the things I got in life.

I can think of a lot of people who probably don't deserve the things in life that they get, but you don't hear me hating on them (that's why we vote, people). Well, I’m sick of being made to feel guilty about the luxuries I’m given, because they’ve made me who I am, and I love me.

I’m a good person.

I’m not going to let the Coachella haters bring me down anymore. Did my parents buy my ticket and VIP housing? Yes. Am I sorry about that? Absolutely not.

Sorry, not sorry!

Cover Image Credit: Kaycie Allen

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You're More Than a Face In The Crowd

Never settle for the status quo.

The life of a 21st century American can be extremely busy. We all have so many different things to do on a daily basis and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

As we grow older, finding time to incorporate anything besides the necessities becomes a serious issue. Life has a tendency to become work, eat, sleep then repeat each and every day.

We become so used to the daily grind that it takes over our lives and becomes all that we live for, essentially blocking out everything else like a coma does to the central nervous system.

Much like the futuristic books and movies that depict zombie-like people doing mindless tasks for hours on end, we have become quite close to that.

We all want to achieve the 21st century American dream. We want the perfect house and the perfect family. But did anyone mention that the trade-off for this lifestyle is working a job you hate for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week?

But hey, you’ve got that trophy spouse though, even though you most likely don’t even know their middle name. But nevermind that, you’ve got that timeshare in Aruba, even though you’re too tired from work to ever use it.

But hey, you’re living the American Dream!

Whatever happened to following your true passion, and no, I’m not going to believe you if you tell me the accounts receivable department is your true passion…

I’m talking about going after something that gets you so excited each morning that you jump out of bed, even when you only gotten three hours of sleep because you were too excited for the day to start. I’m talking about pursuing something that makes you more than just another face in the crowd. Something that, when you’re on death's doorstep, you are happy with the life you lived, knowing you did what you loved.

You see, in today’s world, far too many people are just existing, just going through life with the hope to get a decent job, a decent life, and maybe get that coveted 21 century American dream. Blending in with society is easy to do, because our society gives a blueprint on exactly how to do it. Going against the grain is much more difficult and not to mention risky, because often times people are not going to like you for it.

But if you are truly living life for yourself and the way that you want, then why would it matter what others think?

You may be thinking that you want to shed the dead skin of mediocrity and status quo, but you’re not quite sure how.

But you’ve already started the first step, and that’s realizing you want something else for yourself besides being another face in the crowd. The rest will follow, but the hardest part is realizing what it is that you want in life. If you want to be part of the majority and the status quo, that’s fine too, but never try and wear a type of skin if it doesn’t feel quite right.

We are taught in this life that we have to always listen to others, which is true to some degree. But since when did that mean listen to everyone except yourself?

Why is it that we listen to everyone else, and yet we don’t listen to our dreams and desires that have been carefully placed in our minds by God himself. If we could focus more on the voice inside of us, rather than the surrounding ones, then it will become easier to find out the direction we want to go in life.

Doing something in life that makes you stick out from the crowd takes courage, and the reason it is so rare is because it’s uncomfortable. It’s comfortable and easy to do the same thing as everyone else and to fall in line with the rest of the population, but you never truly grow when things are comfortable.

True growth is when things are uncomfortable, when you are really struggling and finding out about yourself.That’s when you make real progress, but if you just fall in line all the time then you are never going to make that progress. You will never find out about yourself.

So as uncomfortable as going against the status quo can be, once you get through it, you will be much happier because you'll know yourself and you’re not trying to wear a generic mold that doesn’t fit right.

Navigating your way through this 21st century world can be extremely taxing and bring you to your knees. But standing for something and wanting to do more than just existing is well worth the pain and struggle endured along the way.

Not everyone is content with being another face in the crowd. The world needs more of us to take a stand and go against the grain, otherwise those movies depicting people as mindless office zombies may become a true reality.

Cover Image Credit: Stokpic.com

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