Yes, I'm dating a boy who goes to a rival school. News flash: It doesn't matter.

Temple students at every football game love to chant, "F**k Penn State" just because it hypes people up. It's kind of annoying and people always try to stop them, but it's all in good fun because Penn State is considered our rival.

Ever since we beat Penn State 27-10 in an unforgettable 2015 football game, that rivalry has been stronger than ever.

Despite that rivalry, I don't feel bad for wearing my Penn State shirt around campus. Am I a traitor? No. I love my school, but I want to support his school too.

When we first started dating, I refused to use anything affiliated with Penn State. If I made a cup of coffee, I jokingly said, "No, I'll be contaminated" when he offered me his Penn State mug. I'm not that petty, and it was a running joke between us, but after visiting Penn State with him I actually understood his love for the school.

We even went to a Temple game together. He rooted for Temple and wore my Temple shirt.

That's what people in a relationship do: they support each other, even if the circumstances might pressure them to do otherwise. You can be a die-hard fan for your school, and still root for another school that's considered a rival.

Heather DeSalvo

You can bet that when Temple and Penn State play again (that won't be for a while), we'll go all out for our schools. We won't speak to each other for days. I'll be decked out in cherry and white and he'll wear his school colors (I think they're's kind of bad that I don't know).

Until then, though, I will proudly support Penn State when he brings me to a game. He'll support my school. It's like the rivalry never existed.

Why? Because a stupid rivalry is simply that: a rivalry. Undying school spirit can rest for the sake of love, I promise.