I'm A Teenage Girl And I Don't Wear Makeup
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I'm a teenage girl and I don't Wear makeup

And I'm totally fine with it.

I'm a teenage girl and I don't Wear makeup

I never really got into makeup, mostly because it was highly frowned upon by my judgmental brothers - typical brother bullying. However, I never got into it also, because I never learned, never cared, and never understood. Over my 19 years of being a woman, my relationship with make-up has changed. Initially, I developed a deep hatred toward the multiple bronzers, sticky lip gloss, and pink blush. However, over the years my relationship with make-up turned passive and indifferent. I remember when it all started: The moment I realized I was not as interested in make-up as my peers.

I was a kid.

It was a little girl's birthday party.

What else is there to do besides rip at each other's hair and throw glitter on every inch of your body? Needless to say, I was not so excited. I wasn't miserable, but I was not nearly as thrilled to try the new eyeshadow shades as the other girls. Since then, my interest never improved. Although I never fought the occasional make-up for school dances, I never got into the daily routine of putting it on in the morning before rushing to school. Sometimes, when I'm in an extra cooperative mood, I let my friends smother my face with all their tools just for the heck of it. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I've learned a few things along the way. Enough to know how to apply the basics, but not enough to show much more than a little interest.

During my high school years, my lack of interest in the cosmetic subject was noticed. I constantly dealt with the onset of questions related to my relationship with makeup. First off, let me just inform you of the most annoying questions and comments a girl who never wears makeup is sick of hearing:

"If you would just try it, you would feel so much better."

"Mascara would really make your eyes pop!"

"Just let me teach you and maybe you'll like it."

"Makeup will enhance your natural beauty."

"Do you think you're making some sort of statement by not wearing it?"

Yeah yeah. Okay. You get it. The list could go on. My point is that every girl has her own relationship with herself and how she perceives make-up. Personally, when I look in the mirror, I am happy with what I see, flaws and all. I don't feel the desire to run to the nearest store for a new foundation. I don't feel the need to spend an hour or more on my makeup to get the perfect look for the night. I am confident in my natural look more so than I feel with make-up on. Every once in a while, it is fun to let my friends pamper me up, but I don't really notice a confidence boost when I am wearing it.

Don't get me wrong. Every girl wears make-up for her own reasons. If you're someone who is passionate about makeup and love wearing it, then I mean no disrespect. As long as you like who you are without the makeup, then I see no harm. My best friend uses make-up as an artistic outlet to discover new forms of her passion. I think it's insanely cool that she's found something that sparks her interest. It just isn't the same for me, and that is completely okay.

So, coming from a girl who doesn't wear make-up, I only ask that you respect my passivity to the subject and avoid some of the questions and comments I mentioned earlier. There are so many reasons to love make-up, just as long as you love yourself just as much without it as you do with it.

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