Teen Nick Delivers "The Splat"
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Teen Nick Delivers "The Splat"

This is where 90’s kids dreams come true.

Teen Nick Delivers "The Splat"

Remember when all we wanted was to watch our favorite childhood cartoons (and not at 3 in the morning)? Well Teen Nick has heard our prayers and granted us a whole new nighttime channel to ourselves. Introducing: The Splat, the channel dedicated to serving us all the 90’s guilty pleasures we can possibly want. The name itself came from the old school symbol of Nickelodeon that resembles the slime “splat.”

Teen Nick has created a block of our favorite shows starting at 10 p.m. every night. 90’s favorites are featured on The Splat including Kenan and Kel, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys and plenty more where that comes from. Of course, we can’t forget the beloved Rugrats too.

Junior Kayla Ramrattan said that most of her favorite childhood shows are back on and she’s loving it.

“I loved As Told by Ginger, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug, and of course SpongeBob but that’s still on,” Ramrattan said.

All four have now returned to tv thanks to The Splat. She believes that the shows kids have nowadays can’t even compare to what we had in our young cartoon watching days.

“Even the quality of SpongeBob has declined. The plots were well thought out back then and now a lot of it is bad humor or stupidity” she said.

She admits to watching the shows from The Splat on and off because the channel was only playing Rugrats and Hey Arnold for a while. But around midnight, she’d tune in everyday.

Feel free to let Tommy Pickles, Ginger, or Arnold entertain you once 10 p.m. hits. It's okay even if you aren't a child anymore (no one has to know). Even if you’re busy doing homework, it’s easy and pleasant to have the nostalgia of your childhood playing as background music.

The Splat now has its own YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and website to flashback kids to some favorite 90’s cartoons.

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