A 14-year old boy shot and killed his father and then went to an elementary school where he injured three others in South Carolina. He injured two boys and a teacher. One boy was shot in the foot, while the other was shot in the leg. The teacher was shot in the shoulder when she was trying to protect the children as best as she could. The teenager started shooting after exiting the vehicle that he drove from his father’s house to the elementary school that was two miles away.

The grandparents of the boy received a phone call from him and he was sobbing and speaking unintelligibly. His grandparents went next door to the father’s house to check and make sure everything was fine, but when they got there, there was no sign of the boy and they found the father on the floor, dead. Before anybody was injured, a firefighter tackled him to the ground where authorities then took him into custody.

The motives for the actions of this day are unclear. Terrorism has been ruled out by authorities. The little boy with the leg injury is in critical condition and the hospital has stabilized his condition. The teen has been charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder in family court. It is unclear whether the case should be heard in adult court.

Personally, I believe his case should be heard in adult court even though he is a minor. He committed a horrible crime. If his case is not heard in adult court, he should at least get put in juvenile detention or be tested for any disorders to be treated at a mental institute. His actions are unbearable, specially for the parents that have children that attend that school. There truly was no reason that this had to go this far.