Problems in relationships.
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Usually, Most Of The Problems We Face In A Relationship Are Caused By The Bluescreen

Ever since I can remember, the basis for most of my relationships has been very text-based.

Usually, Most Of The Problems We Face In A Relationship Are Caused By The Bluescreen

What is it about relationships that can drive you absolutely crazy? I honestly don't really understand how the thought of an individual can make you feel a certain way - how that same thought can just overpower your whole mind and consume every thought you are trying to have.

I must blame my access to technology for this. We have walked away from the times of having a conversation with someone in person. It has conditioned me to believe that social media dictates my relationship. This has also led me to almost be paranoid for no reason and to misinterpret my personal relationship.

Some people may argue that it's a choice to act and think a certain way, but when someone is conditioned to a certain behavior, it's very difficult to reverse said behavior. Ever since I can remember, the basis for most of my relationships has been very text-based, I guess hiding behind a blue screen, and I tried to look for a reason for this but I simply couldn't find one. To an extent, I feel like it makes me very insecure and doubtful. I think since it is very easy to misinterpret messages you can create the wrong image of a person based on what they are saying.

For those individuals who are like me - who tend to think a lot about what other people are thinking - the outcome is slightly worse. Since we need to over think about a lot of things our minds tend to go on this constant search for the worst possible scenarios, which the result is very ugly. It's very hard for us over-thinkers to draw the line between what is real and what is something that our mind is creating. It almost feels like a constant battle between our heart and mind as corny as that sounds.

Lately what I have been learning is how to really take time and process my thoughts before I jump to any conclusions. This has been very difficult, but the result for some unknown reason is very satisfying. I am not insinuating that my relationships are crazy and basically fall apart because of the way that I think, but I would say sometimes the way I process things tends to get me in a little trouble. I always say that humans are all so different and the way we process emotion and feelings will always vary. There will never be two people who process emotion the same, they will have similarities, but will never be the same.

I am lucky to have people in my life who understand the way I think and the fact that they are very patient with me. They understand that sometimes I just tend to get ahead of myself and they just need to help me come back to earth. Do you have a loved one who seems to always have crazy thoughts and you don't understand why? Don't be impatient - they simply can't help themselves. It's how our thought process is put together. The best advice I can give in times like this is to have patience and be understanding of those you love.

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