Back when the first computers were invented in the 20th century it was just getting started. Today, in the 21st century, technology has evolved tremendously. Dean Kamen once said, "Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation." This quote is valid because, every day, there is a something new being invented by Apple, Samsung, Android or Galaxy. As new inventions come out, each advancement has helped relationships, aided in communications, and created independence.

One reason why technology is helping people is many people are using phones and computers to help communicate. Not only do hearing people use it to communicate, but the deaf community is also getting help from the technological advances. A lot of deaf people use their phones to talk to everyone; hearing people less so because they can communicate other ways.

Hearing people tend to have advantages over deaf people, as they can put their phone to their ear, whereas deaf people need the FaceTime feature to chat with other people. Deaf people use their phones for everything. They use their phones to chat with other hearing people. As some hearing people may not know sign language, deaf people definitely have a more crucial desire for phones. We, as a deaf community, also use phones for alarm clocks, timers, and important notifications. The improvement of electronics is helping deaf people live a life that is more and more like that of a hearing person.

Relationships are another reason for technology to be improving. Relationships are everywhere and the need for technology is aid those relationships is incredibly prominent. For example, if one is late for a date, they could text the other one and tell them they are going to be a few minutes late rather than letting their counterpart think they are missing the date.

It is also helpful for kids and their parents. Every parent worries about their kid being in danger, so they, of course, want to check on their children when they are out and about. It can help parents find their children in case of an emergency with the help of a tracker on their phone. Everyone uses their phones to help their relationships function -- even sibling-sibling and parent-child relationships. Technology is helping relationships stay together today and every day.

Independence is a huge priority for most people. People will have no need for outside resources if they can do everything on their phones. Every phone has applications that can do the organizing for you and anyone can download an app to organize their appointments and events on their phones. Technology can help people get around and organize their lives alone, which makes them more independent.

My opinion on everything about technology is very simple. Technology is changing every day, so people can use it to do anything (or help in doing anything) in the world. I believe technology can be helpful in the world of communication, relationships, and helping people become independent.

Technology is improving constantly to help with people's every day uses. It influences relationships between all different kinds people — relationships today are consequently better. Technology is improving communication between people all around the world. Also, technology is enhancing one's independence.