Stop Finding Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift
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Stop Finding Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift

Why I'm Team Taylor.

Stop Finding Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift

It's not going to be news to anyone who knows me, I'm Team Taylor. The first time I saw her live was Oct. 11, 2009. My mom and I had nosebleed seats at the Target Center in Minneapolis and to our utter amazement Taylor surprised the upper level by appearing out of nowhere after a costume change only to walk directly past our row of seating, touch my very own left hand and proceed to stop five feet away and begin singing "Hey Stephen". From that day on I've been a die-hard Swiftie. Regardless of what talent-less social media mogul and her sexist, overrated husband illegally record and "leak". Regardless of the arbitrary and unwarranted names that top rated journalists and prominent celebrities call Tay, I'll back her up. Since her "Fearless" album, I haven't missed a tour. She's been my idol since I was in middle school and never fails to prove her talent, rectitude and composure. I could write a novel listing her qualifications to be my favorite artist and inspiration, or I could just give you the top 11 reasons to be Team Taylor yourself, whether you're a fan of her music or just need more of a reason to respect her as an individual.

1. Tay & her friends invented #squadgoals

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're all thin and famous and beautiful. But more importantly they're all successful women and their support for one another is endless.

2. Her list of awards and nominations is approximately a mile long and her musical ability ranges across a variety of genres

She started off full-blown country and seamlessly transitioned into the world of pop. Historically she's released an album every other year, meaning this fall we can expect more music from Swift. My prediction? Electro-pop.

3. She's badass

*Fighting off all the haters*

4. She's relateable

She's not afraid to show off her weird and humorous self, even if that includes being a huge clutz.

5. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

No caption needed.

6. Collaborations

Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Gary Lightbody, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Boys Like Girls and Imogen Heap... to name a few. She can make any song a 10/10 and works well with all voices and styles of music.

7. Regardless of the newest look she's sporting, she remains her humble self


8. She has a song for every mood

Heartbreak. Love. Death. Confidence. Excitement.

Whatever emotion you're feeling, Tay has written a song to match.

9. Her ability to perform

Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989. All of her last four shows blew me away. You can't help but wonder how she is human after watching her do her thing.

10. She never stops writing her own music

You know she means what she sings when it's her thoughts and words coming out. Her lyrics have evolved as she has matured and continues to impress the world.

11. She's quirky

After watching her on award shows, at her concerts and in her music videos I feel like I know Taylor, when in reality she's just my dream BFF.

Give me one reason why you wouldn't be Team Taylor.

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