Why Teaching Is The Most Important Profession

Why Teaching Is The Most Important Profession

It doesn't deserve the disrespect it gets.

I've wanted to be a teacher since I moved on from my dream of being a ballerina at the age of four. It has been a practical life path choice, but one that keeps get solidified as I take more education classes each year in college.

People have to want to teach, you have to have a drive for it, a passion for it. It's not an occupation to just decide upon if you can't make up your mind on something. It takes a lot of commitment, hours of grading, lesson planning, understanding children, and being knowledgeable in many subject areas.

When people look down on teaching, I don't know how much more naive they could possibly be. I'm tired of hearing, "Why would you ever want to teach?" It's not about how much money you make, it's not about getting the summers off, it's not about being done at 3p.m. every day. Teaching is an all day job. When you are done with a school day you go home and grade tests from the week and prepare lesson plans for the next day. You also prepare lessons, projects, homework, and tests the whole summer as well as throughout the year.

Besides the fact that it's a lot harder than most people think, it's also a lot more important. People think the most important occupations follow along the lines of doctors, lawyers, and other well-paying jobs. Those are definitely important, but children would never come to the conclusion that they wanted to do that if they didn't attend school and have certain teachers that impacted them in those fields. There would be no doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, or scientists if there weren't teachers.

Teachers impact students’ lives every day. They help shape students' minds and lay their foundation of knowledge across all subjects. Students wouldn't set goals for the future to become doctors if they didn't excel or find interest in what they learned in their science classes throughout their schooling years. Students would never pursue writing if they weren't taught how to form sentences and read novels. Students would never wish to be politicians if they didn't understand the importance government in this country, which would have been displayed to them in various Social Studies classes.

The point is, teachers directly effect students. Every successful teacher has one specific goal, and that's to motivate students to try their best. The classroom is a safe place for students to learn, they enjoy learning and that joy produces a passion for a future career path. Maybe people look down on teachers because GREAT teachers are few and far between, but most students can pinpoint a specific teacher or two from their past that really opened up their mind about a subject or really made them love it.

Think about it, without a great teacher no one would want to be anything. No one would find the drive in a specific subject or find something they were great in if a specific individual didn’t help open their eyes to it. I hope to be one of those impactful teachers that my students look back on and say was a positive stepping stone in their path towards the future.

Next time when someone tells you that they are a teacher or an education major, don’t roll your eyes or shake your head-- look at them with gratitude. After all, you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are now in the first place without some very beneficial teachers.

Cover Image Credit: teachingarts.org

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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Taking Upon Yourself This Extra Stress Isn't Worth It

This stress is very harmful for growing kids


Each person that has graduated from high school and college has told me the same thing "Have fun right now while you can. This doesn't stay forever so enjoy life as it is right now. It only gets harder from here so appreciate what you have." Each time, I take this with a grain of salt and think that, this person can't be telling the truth. High School and College are the hard parts about life due to the long hours of studying or the time spend dealing with this unnecessary drama and stress. But I feel that later down the road, I will be humbled into the truth.

In high school and college, we take all these classes and push ourselves to the limit for nothing. For example, a lot of colleges want you to take AP Biology in school but when you get to college, they want you to retake it and pretend like the course never happened. So you just wasted a year of your life focusing on a subject that you found out that you were going to have to retake anyway. Furthermore, getting into college is getting harder and harder and its not the students who aren't working hard, it's just becoming more selective.

Another thing about these hard classes, the schools continue to tell us that we get extra points for them but most colleges take it off. We have to submit a weighted and unweighted GPA which continue to show our true grades without the points that we receive. This makes all of our efforts to take these classes seem worthless and another waste of time in trying to outdo our peers and take these extra courses. It just seems like a never ending cycle of students working their butts off only to have their efforts undone by college.

People will argue that stress is constant and stress is good. I disagree. A certain level of stress is good and helps us grow but overdoing the stress can continue to be a factor in affecting our mental health and affecting our physical body. The lack of comfort we have can force our sleep patterns to be off or can push our bodies into bad mood swings. All of this is just more instrumental in showing that stress never seems to get better and sometimes maybe its on us to relieve some of our faults.

At the end of the day, it is up to us to decide to live our lives. We can continue to take these hard high school courses and hope that they come thru with a college acceptance letter or we can try to enjoy our lives in the moment so we have memories to reflect on from our time in youth. The latter is a better option as we then know we tried our best but also tried to live our life another way instead of constantly being stressed. This would be much more beneficial and productive for students.

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