I've been watching a lot of The Great British Bake-Off and the level of skill and finesse astounds me with each episode. However, sometimes the fails and confusion that occurs from time to time reminds me of my classroom experiences. Paul and Mary remind me of the ever-patient teachers leading their class of contestants with their hilarious and mischievous teacher's assistants following them around (Mel and Sue).

The Great British Bake-Off tends to be one of my favorite shows because of the teaching and learning element for the home bakers. The show also contains tips and techniques that I, in turn, can practice at home with my own bakes. But, the mistakes are obvious and ruthlessly examined by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Baking has always been relaxing for me so watching a show that is both fun to watch and informative is addicting. Also, I am a major sucker for puns. Mel and Sue definitely have my heart.

At the end of the day, that is exactly how I feel with my students and classes. Being a teacher is incredibly fun and rewarding, but sometimes it is a major struggle.

1. When you turn your back to the class and turn back around


The most paranoid that I am during the day is when I turn to face the whiteboard to write or walk towards my desk with my back to my students. I have slowly been growing the eyes at the back of my head. But, no one really knows what happens right before you turn back to face your kids.

2. When you walk into the staff lounge


The staff lounge is always considered to be this great, mysterious chamber where the teachers retire to during the day, especially when you are a young student. In all reality, it's a small room with a fridge (and we're spoiled so we have a vending machine) and microwave, with a table at which all the teachers sit around and conduct a large support group.

3. When your student corrects you in front of the class


I love when my students are learning, and definitely want them to think harder and smarter than they did before coming into my classroom. What sometimes gets me though, is when a student outs a little mistake that I've made. And, usually quite loudly and proudly. It hurts more if it's spelling.

4. When you end up doubling as a baby-sitter


This may be because I am an elementary school teacher, but I find myself cleaning up after students and even cleaning up the students themselves. Although I throw out "Do I look like your sitter?" I do actually end up acting as one from time to time.

5. When a student's gone too far deep while doing a completely wrong task


This one is particularly heartbreaking especially when I have to confess to the student that their hard work (and occasionally passionate work) was all for waste.

6. When a student talks back in front of the class


This I cannot stand for at all, but it does happen from time to time. When it does happen, I mentally start hearing music from a Western movie and picture a tumbleweed rolling around between the two of us. The classroom hush lasts as long as it takes for me to make the correction and carry on with the rest of my class. I hate when it does happen so usually, my classes tend to be lovely environments to be in.

7. When a student makes a joke that you should not laugh at


I always have to watch myself when my students make a joke that is appropriate but tends to be spoken out of turn.

8. When you have an amazingly successful, productive day with your class


I love those days when I feel incredibly good at the end of the day because my class and I killed the game. I usually have completed all of the lesson plans and have had time to spare. I, then, get to enjoy time with my class and we watch videos or play games. Those days are ones that I work for.

I love my students and I love Thy e Great British Bake-Off so together I have the perfect combination of passion and relaxation. I joke about being a teacher and laughing about the strange experiences that I have almost every day. But, as always, I can never say how much I love the job.

Hopefully, these made you laugh a bit, and if you're a teacher that you related heavily with me.